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Let the journey begin

2021 was tough, we know. so let's embrace the new year with an open mind and set some

positive intentions for 2022. how about the use of tarot cards for gaining insight?

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Text: Ophelia Wu

As internationals, we know how every relocation journey is different. We seek guidance and comfort, and we want answers. Some turn to religion and wise figures, while some, like me, use tarot cards. It might sound odd, but it simply tunes inwards to seek the answer within. As an intuitive tarot reader, I must clarify that it's merely a tool to connect with the seeker and gain insights that reflect their current state.

Let the journey begin

The first 22 major arcana cards in the deck of 78, usually known as The Fool's Journey, reflects stages of life, telling a story with each visually descriptive card. It begins with the Fool (0), with an innocent, pure and open heart, feeling excited and free to start a journey. Next, he steps into the mindset of The Magician (1), using all his tools to create his dream life. Next, the High Priestess (2), gatekeeper of intuition, inspires the Fool to explore his spiritual side. Finally, as he contemplates life, two nurturing and authoritative figures, the Empress (3) and the Emperor (4), represent the traditional sets of rules and motherly love that keep him grounded.

When the Hierophant (5) appears, a new system starts to influence the existing values. He then found joy when The Lovers (6) showed him the duality and importance of balancing the yin and the yang. Using his power, he takes charge of his life (the Chariot (7) ) with Strength (8) and courage. When he retreats like the Hermit (9), taking some time to go within, he understands the Wheels of Fortune (10) as the life cycle, taking a gamble and following the flow. Having faith that Justice (11) will arrive, he understands that every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

The Hanged Man (12) might seem a limbo state, but it offers a different perspective. With Death (13) ending something, it allows change. Temperance (14) reminds him he is his own alchemist; the whole is greater than the sum of its part. When The Devil (15) shows in forms of temptation or going against the norm, some things need to change. Old belief systems crumble like The Tower (16), making space for the new.

As he shakes off his old beliefs, the Star (17) and the Moon (18) remind him there's always light, hope and guidance from above - there's rhythm in life. The Sun (19) always comes up - things will eventually be ok. But, with the new identity, it feels like it's the Final Judgement (20) where everything is where it should be. He now sees the bigger picture and that everything is connected in the World (21).

"We struggle to find our new identity and sense of belonging. Sometimes all we need is to step back a little and let the dust settle."

Where are you on your journey?

Does that resonate with your international journey? The initial excitement of relocation with all sorts of possibilities is euphoric. If we embrace life with an open heart, wouldn't it allow us the capacity for more? Of course, creating a new life elsewhere is easier said than done. How do we anchor and get support when we navigate the unwritten social rules? But like the Magician, we have all the tools we need to create a life we want and every power to turn things into gold. Every encounter is a lesson for us to grow.

We struggle to find our new identity and sense of belonging. Sometimes all we need is to step back a little and let the dust settle. There will be frustrations and fear, and times we want to retreat to clear our minds. Like the falling tower, we need to shed the old before building something new. Eventually, we gain clarity, with patience and courage, we sail through the rough tides and see the light again. When we realise that we have built a life we wanted and learnt the lessons we must learn to grow and expand, we learn about ourselves.

Always look for signs

Of course, one cannot take the cards at face value; it does require some level of intuition and connecting the dots. While no one can predict the future, the answers are already there most of the time. The reading serves the purpose of a) seeking reassurance, b) having a listener, and c) offering advice or insights. They are not gospels and solutions to any problems, but a perspective. Ultimately, the answer is in your heart; you're holding the key of your life journey that no one else can walk for you. If you pay attention, there are always signs when you need them. Now, which card resonates with you most? Wherever you are, fear not, we're all on the journey of growth and life, and in the end, it will all be well. The Sun always comes up, and it's a brand-new World.

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