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Know your why and follow your passion

Photograph: iStock

Text: Laura Wintemute

This is my thirty-fourth article for The International. I’ve written about many different topics like relocation, settling in, entrepreneurship and other issues surrounding expat life in Denmark. When I write these articles, I’m writing about my life, sharing my experiences and my up’s and down’s as an expat living in Denmark. Hopefully, at the same time, I’m providing other expats with guidance, sound advice and plenty of inspiration.

This month I’ve decided to write about my own personal “Why”. Why I chose to do what I do. There are many reasons why expats become entrepreneurs: personal satisfaction, creative independence or financial autonomy. My “Why” is actually what got me started as an entrepreneur in the first place.

In the beginning

My goal when I started Homestead was to disrupt the relocation industry. I saw that companies hiring internationals and moving them around the world for work were focusing on the wrong aspects of their relocation. They focused on the practical side, not the human side, which in my experience is the key to a successful relocation. I know that by ensuring a smooth transition and providing a softer landing in their new country is what these internationals need. Why don’t companies see this?

When over 50% of these international hires leave Denmark again because they don’t feel settled, made me ask Why, why don’t companies focus on the “holistic” side of relocation. A typical relocation package consists of immigration, taxes and housing. Who can’t buy their own airline tickets or submit their own immigration applications? Why are companies only focusing on the practical side of relocation? When I moved here thirteen years ago, I did my own immigration and arranged my own move of goods. It’s not rocket science. What I really needed when I arrived was a crash course of Danish daily life, work-life and real life. I needed a helping hand to show me the way. Having personally been in the expat’s shoes and also worked in every aspect of relocation, I concluded that I knew I could do it better.

By combining my personal experiences of being an expat in Denmark and more importantly the fact that I’ve worked in Global Mobility for over ten years and relocated over 2000 people in and out of Denmark, has made me what you could call an expert expat. Which is why I started Homestead. I saw a gap in the global mobility industry which needed filling. This is my “Why”.

Passion drives me

I’ve been told many times that people love my passion. They can see that I burn for what I do, and that makes them want to work with me. Having a passion for doing what you love is what draws the right people to want to learn from or work with us. It is what makes us likeable, relatable, and attractive. I decided to turn my passion for helping people into a business, and I created a company that rang true to the problems that I personally experienced and the solutions that I personally believe internationals moving to Denmark need.

"Having a passion for doing what you love is what draws the right people to want to learn from or work with us."

  • Passion inspires the vision for our business.

  • Passion sets us apart from our competitors.

  • Passion helps us build an authentic brand.

  • Passion helps us establish our core values.

  • Passion gives us the motivation and confidence.

  • Passion helps us network with the right people.

Entrepreneurship takes a lot of courage, passion and an insane amount of commitment. The truth is, I genuinely believe in what I do, and more importantly, after thirteen years, I’m still passionate about helping other expats.

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