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International must-tries for your Jutland summer holiday

Photographs: Unsplash / und Butter FB page / Apelgrens FB page

Text: Heather Storgaard

As you are reading The International, I expect that you know the feeling of joy that comes with stumbling over an authentic taste of home in the wilds of Denmark. However, exploring new cuisines and experiencing the culinary genius of other internationals is something I want to experience and support more this summer. So, here is a list of some of my favourite internationally owned spots in Jutland to explore during your summer break.

Apelgrens - Ebeltoft

Apelgrens opened a few years ago on the harbour in Ebeltoft and has gone from strength to strength. While visitors to Ebeltoft make up many customers over the summer, the café is also beloved among locals, especially as they stayed open for takeaway even over the winter lockdowns. Owner Rasmus grew up in Kenya and attended school on a coffee plantation, giving him a unique insight into coffee from farms in East Africa to speciality cafés in Scandinavia. As well as the harbour, Apelgrens have recently taken over a space in Ebeltoft to roast coffee and start teaching coffee classes.

For more info: @ApelgrenJordtCoffee

Samarkand - Aarhus

Samarkand is both the name of an ancient city in the Central Asian country of Uzbekistan and a lovely new restaurant in Aarhus! Uzbekistan’s location on the old Silk Road and later status as part of the Soviet Union mean that the food has a variety of influences, from Russian-style cakes to exotic spices in the Central Asian dish plov. While at some Aarhus restaurants, I find it hard to find a good choice of vegetarian food, at Samarkand, there are nearly as many vegetarian and meat-based dishes on the menu.

Twenty Twenty Coffee - Hvid Sande

Another seaside coffee shop on my list shows that I am not alone in my love for coffee and the Danish coast. Twenty Twenty Coffee is owned by a Czech couple and offers brilliant coffee with a fantastic North Sea location. Beautiful, handmade, sea-inspired porcelain cups can also be purchased at the café if you can trust yourself to drive home smoothly to keep them safe!

und Butter - Aarhus

und Butter is a new bakery in Frederiksbjerg in Aarhus that focuses on local, organic produce and quality sourdough bakes. The German name, meaning “and Butter”, hints at the German roots of one of the owners and the fact that they make their butter in-house. The space is open early and one of my favourite stops when we get up early to drive south.

For more info: undButter

Fox and Hound - Aarbenraa and Sønderborg

In Southern Jutland, there are two Fox and Hound gastro pubs in Aarbenraa and Sønderborg. Opened by a Scot, the pubs aim to contribute to beer and whisky culture in Denmark. British and Irish pubs abroad often have a reputation for being low-quality chains, but Fox and Hound are the real deal and bring some Scottified pub hygge to Jutland. As well as Scottish- influenced pub culture, they also happen to serve Flammkuchen, a pizza-like dish with roots in South-West Germany, Alsace and Western Switzerland. So to a Swiss-Scottish girl in Denmark, this place is perfect for homesickness cravings!

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