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In critical times focus on what you can control

It is vital these days to stay mentally and physically active to maintain your well-being. To do that, focus on the things in your life which you can control.

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Text: Greete Eluri

Your daily structure, physical and mental health will help you to get through these unknown days, and once Denmark is ‘up and running’ again, you’ll probably be much stronger.

Having a daily routine can be crucial

I have spoken about this before, and I think especially in times like these, having a structured, daily routine or a weekly plan, can save you from the worst, for example, going down with stress or depression.

Every day, I make sure to have tasks on my to-do list that needs to be done. This includes both professional, but also personal, more practical tasks at home. I also make sure to have time for some physical activity and social interaction. I do this by having walks with friends (we keep a distance of course) out in nature to get the minimum of 10.000 steps a day or biking somewhere I have not been before.

"Especially in times of crisis, it is crucial to focus on the small things that matter to you and make you happy."

As a job seeker, there are many things you can and should do – remember to keep your focus on things you can control. Professionals spend more time online, including on Linkedin. I suggest you use this time to the fullest, for example: Update your Linkedin profile (you can find a guide how to do it from my profile), reach out to companies and managers (yes, they are online and will reply to your emails, just have some patience), write unsolicited applications, reach out to people via Linkedin and ask questions about their career and that interesting company they are working at to get some inside info. Also, if you are willing to invest more time in Linkedin, I suggest you try Premium for a month (for free) – if you are active, reach out to people, engage and perhaps create content, you might see this resulting in more visits to your profile. It is all about using the different functionalities that are there.

Another point you might think of if you cannot get your ‘dream job/A job’ right now, could you do something else? Think of companies which you could reach out to and offer your help/skills, which in the end might be a ‘door opener’ for you. In times like these, it is important to think ‘outside of the box’ and being flexible – reframe your possibilities in the job market. Be active, put yourself out there and reach out to companies – now is the time to do it, and you have nothing to lose.

The weekend is time to recharge

Hopefully, once you have your Monday-Friday plan under control, to some extent at least, then you can relax in the weekend - this is very important, especially for your mental health.

Being a job seeker, with many ups and downs, it is essential to ‘have breaks’ in the weekends, just like any other person. Especially in times of crisis, it is crucial to focus on the small things that matter to you and make you happy. An idea, for example, baking your favourite chocolate cake, listening to your favourite mindfulness podcast or taking a day trip with your family to a great spot in Denmark.

Now is the time to put your big girl/guy pants – to be active and visible online and ‘put yourself out there’. Take time to enjoy the small things, so you do not burn out. And remember – we will get ‘back to normal’ again.

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