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Horror and hygge

What is it about the thrill of being scared? It makes no sense, and yet most of us gladly seek it out and shiver in fear and joy. These dark months are perfect for it. Enjoy.

Photograph: iStock

Text: Susan Jessen Spiele

Gripping, grim and suspenseful

The other people - By C J Tudor

A man is hunting for his missing daughter, gone three years and believed dead. A young girl is having episodes and each time coming back with a pebble in her hand. A woman who works at a roadside diner, they are all connected.

Relentless, fast and action-packed

If she wakes - By Michael Koryta

Tara is driving for a visiting professor at her university when a horrible accident happens that kills the professor and leaves her with locked-in syndrome. Abby, an investigator for the insurance, believes it was murder and starts an avalanche of terror.

Spooky, atmospheric and emotional

Disappearance at devil’s rock - By Paul Tremblay

Elizabeth’s thirteen-year-old son disappears while biking with at Devil’s Rock. As she is taken over by fear and grief, odd things happen; a shadowy lurker in town, pages of a journal pops up and does she really know her son?

Menacing, nasty and fun

Little heaven - By Nick Cutter

Three mercenaries are hired to check up on a young man, taken by a cult in Little Heaven, a remote settlement. After they arrive paranoia and distrust spirals out of control and it becomes clear something is out to get them all.

Did you know?

Halloween is getting bigger in Denmark every year and is slowly taken over for the traditional “Fastelavn” in February. So wherever you live, there will be a celebration nearby. Or you can make your own party, big or small, and invite the neighbourhood; even Danes are less reserved when they are in disguise and dressed up!

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