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Grundlovsdag and Father’s Day

Dads have the day off, and we celebrate Constitution Day. Though the latter was written in 1849, some principles stem from the Viking age, e.g., trust between citizens and the rule of law. Enjoy!

Photograph: iStock

Text: Susan Jessen Spiele

First in a series

The Last Kingdom

By Bernard Cornwell

Uthred is born as an heir to a Cornish fort, but he is taken and raised by Vikings as a boy. During the reign of Alfred, he is repeatedly forced to choose a side, as the Danes keep coming to colonise England by the sword.

A classic Viking tale

War of the Gods

By Poul Anderson

Hadding is the last unknown heir to a royal throne and is sent to the giants as a young boy for safety. His quest to regain the stolen throne of his kin is against the odds, but a mysterious old man helps out.

Inspired by the sagas

The Half-Drowned King

By Linnea Hartsuyker

A brother and sister have to find their own way to revenge and freedom when their stepfather betrays them. Siding with Harald Fairhair, a young warrior prophesied to be the first high king of Norway, might be the way to both.

Gaiman is a skald

Norse Mythology

By Neil Gaiman

The old stories that are at the heart of so many of the new stories are here; the creation of the World, how Odin lost his eye, Thor’s hammer, Loki’s children, the betrayals, the sacrifices, the love stories and the battles.

Did you know?

The first pub quiz of 2021 is coming! Thursday 10th of June at 19 – 22, we are finally back in business, and you are cordially invited; you can come as a team (max 6 persons), or if you come alone, we will help you find a team. Free tickets: Salg - Pub Quiz at the library (

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