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Going global calls for international capabilities

Updated: May 24, 2020

Photographs: Vestas Wind Systems

Text: Vestas, by Nete Bechmann, Executive HR Business Partner

Aarhus and Eastern Jutland is home to many internationally-minded companies and organisations that all contribute to the internationalisation of this area. International Community will take you by the hand and show you the diverse scene on which internationalisation is built. This month we give the floor to Vestas.

Over the past 40 years, Vestas has continuously pioneered new technologies and solutions. This has allowed us - together with our customers, to be the first to bring reliable wind energy solutions to the market. In short, we planted the seeds of the modern wind industry. Vestas is the industry market leader with more than 71,000 turbines installed and 96 GW of wind turbines under service in 81 countries. To stay ahead of the competition, we need a workforce with a global mindset and international skills.

As competition is growing, our workforce must match the global context. Therefore, we are competing on a global level. A global mindset is a differentiating factor - as well as the foundation, and thus international capabilities are directly linked to the bottom line.

With a vision to be the global leader in sustainable energy solutions, we need to attract a highly-skilled, motivated workforce with global work orientation, who are passionate about renewables and strive to deliver best-in-class energy solutions for the benefit of Vestas’ customer and the planet.

Vestas is a global company with Danish roots and numerous nationalities. Our company culture is based on accountability, simplicity, collaboration and passion, and a unique drive to succeed.

In January and February 2020, Vestas announced a new company-wide Sustainability Strategy - “Sustainability in everything we do”. With this strategy, we are taking the next steps on our sustainability journey. As we work towards becoming the global leader in sustainable energy solutions, we are ramping up our efforts to integrate sustainability - not only across the business but throughout its operations and value chain. Vestas will not just make products that build a more sustainable planet, but it will do so in the most sustainable way possible.

There are four ambitions in the sustainability strategy. However, the ambition most relevant to diversity and inclusion at Vestas is: “Becoming the safest, most inclusive and socially-responsible workplace in the energy industry”. Initiatives will be launched to help us to attract a deeper and more diverse talent pool at Vestas.

Diversity enriches your culture, the mix of ideas and perspectives and derived a positive employer brand - attracting talent. Vestas will, going forward, still be needing a strong partner, who can help us create the best possible integration of our employees entering from all over the world.

Vestas and the International Community Vestas has partnered up with International Community since 2007. We are still focused on attracting diverse, talented employees; hence we need to give all our international employees and their families the best starting point for living and working in Denmark.

The collaboration with International Community provides Vestas with a significant advantage as to our current and future need for capabilities. We require knowledgable workers, and we need a partner that focuses and supports us in making Aarhus a career destination and a great place to live. Someone that addresses and works with developing society around us.

International Community allows our international employees to network with other international employees in the region. As the family can be the reason to leave, we need to ensure that the whole family is well integrated into Danish society. International Community has many offers and services for the family, e.g. including a spouse network.

Our membership helps to attract new international employees, create advantageous conditions for them and their families and in the end also retain them in their jobs. The work done over the last ten years by the International Community is tremendous and of enormous value to our employees, our company and Aarhus. We continue to believe that we have found a strong, passionate partner who can guide international employees and their families coming to Aarhus and Denmark.

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