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Full bloom fashion

Photographs: Vanessa Petersen

Text: Vanessa Petersen

As hibernating flower buds are beginning to poke their heads out of the Danish dirt, spring trends are also starting to blossom. I must admit, I type the word 'spring' with a hint of bitterness…seeing as it snowed twice during March. But, despite the 'Fool's Spring', we are experiencing… let's manifest better weather with some fashion trends.

#1 Hello indie sleaze

The latest trend attempting an aesthetic chokehold is the 'Indie Sleaze'. "What does Indie Sleaze even mean?!... "Well, that is a great question… let's discover that together." Like the hipster movement, the indie sleaze seems like an outlier to the mainstream. It's all about exploring the fun and freedom of fashion…undefined. In essence, the indie sleaze is composed of no rules and everything coming together at the same time. Unfinished hems and runs in stockings will be sure to make a comeback.

#2 On pointe with balletcore

Along with masculine silhouettes taking form on runways…embracing hyper-feminine patterns has also materialised. Romantic textiles, such as lace and sheer layering, are at this movement's crux. "Do you remember that Fresh Prince episode where Aunt Viv turned 40 and enrolled in a dance class? That pink onesie is a staple for balletcore. Scrunched-up leg warmers, delicate workout wear, and the simple ballet flat are back. Regardless of my disdain for the ballet flat…

I am looking forward to seeing the modern-day remixing.

#3 More accessories please

This spring, we see the return of two staple accessories and one unexpected arrival. Let's first discuss the return of the arm cuff and the extra large bags. Arm cuffs are back with a vengeance and can add the chef's kiss to any ensemble. I am personally invested in the oversized bag/tote's return…and can now hide the chaos of my life comfortably again. So be prepared to see extra large structures on the streets this spring. Now for the unexpected spring trend…the corsage. 'I know…I know... 'the corsage!?' Well, we can thank Harry Styles for the momentum of this trend. Whether you rock it as a necklace, stitching adornment, or a broch…spring will definitely be in the air with this one.

#4 The details are in the denim

With any seasonal trend, the guarantee of denim being in the mix is usually 99.9%. The Y2K comeback allowed for more oversized structures and cargo fits. However, spring 2023 is packed with even baggier denim. As a mom, I crave non-confining pants, and the baggier, the better. Along with the too-big denim, detailed jeans will also be a frequent play this spring. Noticeable stitching, buckles, and pocket ties will be the front runner in #ootd (outfit of the day) snapshots. Lastly, we can't forget the staple denim maxi and on-the-knee skirts…pretty self-explanatory.

#5 Spring structures

It can be a bit overwhelming with all the spring structures highlighted on the runways. With my best attempt…I will try to cover the most notable ones. The drop waist is back and can either be a hit or miss. However, combining the Danish oversized floral dresses with a drop waist…does intrigue me. Unfinished hems and threading is another styling to gain traction. Which perfectly aligns with my talent for cutting my clothes and not knowing how to sew (yay). The last structure that has caught my attention is draped dressing. This silhouette is very ethereal and goddess-like and can be achieved with any excess fabric. Two runner-ups that I want to text link are exaggerated sleeves and cinched blazers (we will save those for a later date.

Ready for spring?

If you're in Denmark reading this…I already know your answer. 'Just close your eyes…take a deep breath…and envision sunny days with cherry blossoms.' As a matter of fact, I implore you to try out one of these looks and tag me (@thestylefreed). So, now that we have been informed on what spring trends are to come…now let's figure out how to control my fear of bugs (oh, warmer days).

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