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Four international women and their skincare routines

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

This month's edition of the beauty page looks at how four super inspiring, independent, powerful International women do their skincare routines. They are movers and shakers here in Denmark. All of these ladies have a different twist and use products to suit their lifestyles and needs.

Photographs: Various

Text: Barbara Mensah

The eco-friendly night routine

Cristina Fernández García, 29, Spanish

Ecology Masters Degree Student at KU


My night beauty routine is simple and easy. I use products from an eco-friendly, plant-based product company called Ringana. Their products feel fresh, are effective and best of all, eco-friendly. First, I use 2-3 pumps of the cleanser milk on a reusable cotton pad. It can be used over the eyes too, so it's perfect for removing make-up and cleaning the skin superficially while getting some hydration. Secondly, I use the tonic pure to clean my facial skin more in-depth and remove impurities. It leaves a very fresh feeling. But this cannot be used on the eyes. For the last step, I apply a night cream all over the clean face, neck and upper chest. I always try to work on these 3 areas.

The busy no time to waste mum/entrepreneur routine

Vanessa C Petersen, 34, American

Jewellery Designer


As a busy mum of an active 2 year and running a successful jewellery company, my aim is to have simplicity in a skincare routine, which is quick, effective and takes as little time as possible to dedicate more time to my family and business.

Step 1: My main focus is to limit breakouts on my face. I do this by washing my hair; washing pillowcases frequently; decrease Soda/Pepsi and cheese intake; have make-up breaks.

Step 2: Wash face with pure lemon soap bar (Movate Lemon Soap) and cool water.

Step 3: Air dry or pat dry with a clean paper towel.

Step 4: Apply a dab of petroleum jelly (Alpi Fresh Boday Care Vaseline).

The morning and evening skincare girl routine

Jacklyn Rozul Beck, 37, American Filipina

Radio Host (Radio House Aarhus) and Podcast Show Host (My Kids Think I'm Cool But)


Morning routine:

1. Wash face to wake up (Join The organic Future)

2. Eye cream with green tint (Babor)

3. Face lotion (Sothys)

4. BB cream and mascara (Garnier bb cream/Urban Decay Mascara)

Night routine:

1. I take my make-up off with coconut oil, moisturise and take all the make-up off

quickly (Shea Moisture 100% coconut oil)

2. Wash my face with any cleanser. Pat my face dry with a cloth. (Join The Organic future)

3. User toner all over the face (Nivea)

4. Eye cream is a must. (Join The Organic future)

5. Lastly, drip prickly cactus oil all over my face and massage it in gently

(Leven Rose 100% Oil)

The independent international skincare routine

Ritika Jain - Indian

SAP Consultant


Step 1: Cleanse in the morning - I start by splashing luke-warm water and gently cleaning my face using a natural clay face wash. (The Moms Co)

Step 2: Moisturise right after a gentle face cleansing. I apply aloe vera gel as a moisturiser. It is my all-time favourite. I generally use an aloe vera gel (Vilvah) or directly squeeze the juice from an aloe vera plant. This is my everyday routine.

Apart from the above routine, I use homemade products once or twice a week:

Gram Flour & Turmeric Face mask:

Ingredients: 1 tbsp gram flour, 1 tbsp raw milk, 2-3 drops lemon juice and ½ tbsp

turmeric powder and honey.

Directions: Mix all the ingredients mentioned above and apply to the face. Wait for 10-15 min until it's dry and wash off with luke-warm water.

Benefits: The gram flour helps to unclog the pores, turmeric contains antioxidants components which help the skin glow, honey moisturises your skin and raw milk plus the exfoliating effects of gram flour act as a moisturiser.

Orange Peel Mask:

Ingredients: 2 tbsp sundried orange peel powder, 1 tbsp honey, 1 tbsp yoghurt

Directions: Mix all the above elements, make a paste and apply a thick layer on the face. Wait 15-20 min and wash it off.

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1 opmerking

Laura Luzinska
Laura Luzinska
19 feb. 2021

Does anyone else have problems with red skin due to cuperosis? I had unproblematic skin before I moved to DK. During first winter here I started to get broken capillaries on my chicks. I am sure it is because of strong wind and not so gentle weather in general. I have coupe of friends that complain about the same issue. Have you notice that a lot of Danes have red skin? It made me rethink all my skin care routine.

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