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Fit for autumn

The darker Scandinavian days have hit us, and although it may seem like a sad time of year, there is something about the cooler, fresher air that can spark a new light into your daily schedules, especially when it comes to exercising!

Photographs: Alexandra Beck / Unsplash

Text: Alexandra Beck

Outdoor workouts become much more bearable without the heat, and after a busy social summer and a return to normal life patterns, we may feel ready to get back to or find some kind of fitness routine. The great news is that autumn weather can offer some of the best outdoor workouts of the year!

With all this said, now that the kids are back at school and more holidays are on the way, it may seem like another challenge to find time to move! The word challenge is, however, at the very soul of staying fit and healthy - especially with long winter days ahead. So take this as a sign to get started and develop good habits. These habits will help you feel energised and happy through the upcoming seasons!

Try these awesome workouts to keep you on top of your game:


Walking is just about the least demanding way to exercise outside and a great way to take extra steps throughout the day. It's also easier to stay active all day long when the temperatures don't make you feel sweaty! All you need is some comfortable shoes, a good sweater and any other fall weather equipment to keep you warm and dry.

  1. Get off the metro or bus 1-2 stops before your destination and make the steps count.

  2. Wake up 10 minutes earlier and take a walk around the block - use the time to listen to a podcast or go through your to-do list for the day.

  3. Plan activities that involve walking: coffee walks with friends, trips to the park with the kids, trip to the forest, chestnut hunting, etc.


Running is one of the top fall outdoor activities for cardio and impact. And it's probably the best time of year for this, as the temperatures are pleasant and the views breathtaking!

  1. Dress in layers, so you don't overheat or freeze, and make sure people can see you if you're running in the dark by wearing reflective running gear.

  2. Remember to warm up and stretch!

  3. Stay hydrated - even if you don't feel thirsty, you will still be sweating and needing the extra H2o!


I know that Danes use bicycles as a means of transportation, but since the roads in Denmark are so flat, why not also use our bikes as a great outdoor activity for the family?

  1. Before you head out, check out some traffic-less routes (nature parks or beach trails with bicycle lanes, for example).

  2. Wear a helmet for safety, gloves and a hat for extremities that might get chilly.

  3. Remember to raise your hand before stopping (this is not just a wave or a high five).

Gymming in

Perhaps you had your gym membership on pause for a while, or maybe you just misplaced your card - whatever the reason, now would be a good time to pack your bag and get to the gym!

  1. Get a workout programme or hire a personal trainer if you are new to the gym.

  2. Join one or more group fitness classes: find your thing, whether it be yoga or HIIT.

  3. Don't be shy to ask club staff for help with equipment if you feel unsure.

Gymming out

If the indoor gym is not your cup of tea, take your gym workout outside. You know I'm a true fresh air advocate!

  1. Invest in a few essential gym pieces: a suspension trainer, a couple of kettlebells and/or dumbbells and a yoga mat and get on with a good workout (30-45 minutes is plenty). Where? Balcony, terrace, garden, courtyard, playground.

  2. Look for an outdoor trainer that can provide equipment and keep you motivated and accountable.

  3. Outdoor group training is an excellent and affordable fun way to get a great workout in a team!

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