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Fall in love with cooler weather

Photographs: Vanessa Petersen

Text: Vanessa Petersen

The word 'blasphemy' comes to mind as I read the above title out loud. Being a Floridian for the last 17 years has spoiled my tolerance for chilly temperatures. However, this Florida girl has dormant Boston roots embedded with a strong sense of fashion memory. Spoiler Alert…I absolutely love fall fashion and hope to tempt you too.


Don't ignore this sign to dust off your favourite leather pieces. Whether rocking a genuine or PU (polyurethane) leather will surely give the Fall foliage a run for the aesthetics. Oversized blazers, motor/biker styles, and studded goth are all trends making waves this autumn of 2022. So pair your leather blazer with wide-leg leather pants for the ultimate monochrome level.


'Yeehaw'...Western fashion is back! Along with the surge of Y2K trends, the cowboy look is returning to the rodeo. Everything from embellished hats to contemporary riding chaps ('hey, that rhymed') making its way to cooler weather. Of course, the easiest pivot into westward style is the cowboy boot. For a modern cowgirl look, pair your boots with a statement jacket that keeps you warm.


The 'Top Gun' sequel seemed to have had a lasting effect on its fans. Bomber and varsity jackets can be seen all over the fashion pages. An added plus is that the bomber jacket is the perfect segue into cooler temps. I joined the trend by raiding my little brother's closet and pairing his thrift bomber jacket with a pair of cargo pants. "Ready to take flight?"


Most faux fur jackets are almost undetectable to the real ones and have an attractive price point. However, once the leaves start changing colours…it's time to air out your most cherished coat. Fur is also a great way to brave the cold in style. Fur is a universal pop to any outfit, even if you decide to rock animal prints or neutrals.


We all feel the effects of the seasons changing…shorter days and longer nights. Dopamine dressing is the idea that our clothes can improve our moods. Wearing bright colours and bold patterns can be a quick mood booster. This style of dressing can include contrasting layers and bohemian undertones. So if wearing your everyday sweatshirt with a sequin skirt and fur boots makes you smile…THEN DO IT!


Reducing one's carbon footprint is vital, especially in the fashion industry. Upcycling and thrifting are no longer done in silence but out loud and in mainstream fashion. Vintage fashion styles bombard our 'for you' pages and seamlessly transition to fall weather. I implore you to visit your local thrift store, find the men's section, and go wild. Oversized jackets, sweaters, and shirts are perfect for the ideal harvest looks.

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