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Democracy in Denmark is a privilege and a duty

It is the chance to help shape the best kind of community in which you want to live – or to prevent it from becoming your worst nightmare. It starts locally, so check if you can vote!

Photograph: iStock

Text: Susan Jessen Spiele

Inspiring and glaringly relevant

How beautiful we were

By Imbolo Mbue

In a fictive African village, an American oil company has polluted the environment, children are dying, and the village is struggling to get justice. Finally, they decide to fight back, but how can they stand up against a mammoth company?

Short novel, long impact

Waiting for the barbarians

By J.M. Coetzee

A Magistrate has run a tiny frontier settlement for decades, ignoring the impending war between the barbarians and the Empire whose servant he is. However, one day interrogation experts arrive, and he becomes personally involved.

Timely, brutal and gripping

The new wilderness

By Diane Cook

In the near future, there is one natural preserve left called the Wilderness State. To escape the wasted City that is poisoning her daughter, Bea signs up to join an experiment to see how humans can interact with Nature, living primitively.

Eerie and thought provoking

Never let me go

By Ishiguro Kazuo

Hailsham is a boarding school for special children, but only years after they leave will they understand how special. 31-year-old Kathy is looking back and remembering her time there and the friendship and love stories with Ruth and Tommy.

Did you know?

Many internationals can vote in the upcoming local elections. For example, if you are from another EU country or have resided in the local community for at least four years. At Roskilde Library, you can join our Democracy and Pizza afternoon, where we talk and share our different election traditions from around the world.

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