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The Darkness and the Light

This is the best and the worst time of year; dark most of the time, but so many lights around us and hopefully good company. Also, a great time to read, so here is a mixed bunch for you.


Text: Susan Jessen Spiele

Relentless, empathetic and clever

The Chain

By Adrian McKinty

What would you do if your child was kidnapped, and you not only had to pay a ransom but kidnap another child to have her back? Rachel, a cancer survivor and single mom is now part of The Chain and must do the unthinkable.

Searing, gothic and brilliant

The Confessions of Frannie Langton

By Sara Collins

A servant and former slave stands accused of murdering her employer and his wife in Georgian London. Brought from a Jamaican plantation where she was born and worked for a deranged scientist, Frannie tells her own story in court.

A bold new retelling


By Giles Kristian

Lancelot’s story of love and betrayal in a post-Roman Britain in the 5th century. A brutal time when Saxon invaders threatened and a charismatic leader tried to unify a divided land, but Arthur’s wife and best friend fall in love and wreck the dream.

Sophisticated, intelligent and toxic

Fallen Angel

By Chris Brookmyre

To new nanny Amanda, the Temple family seems to have it all. But beneath the smiles lurks darker emotions. Sixteen years earlier, little Niamh Temple disappeared while they were on holiday. As the family reunites she suspects one of them might be hiding something terrible.

Did you know?

Danish public libraries are not just book palaces; they are also lively meeting places where everyone is welcome at events year-round. December 13th, we have an International Karaoke Night at Roskilde Library at 19.00, and you don’t even have to sing to join us! You can bring your own beverage or buy at our bar.

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