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Crystals for him

Photographs: Vanessa Petersen

Text: Vanessa Petersen

Marilyn Monroe once said, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend,"...but what about men? Traditionally, gifts for him were not found in the healing crystals aisle. However, a vast amount of crystal energies would make the perfect wingman for him.

A note to men, "if you are worried about rocking healing crystals… don't be". Fashion trends have seen a surge of jewellery incorporating healing stones for you. There are many ways to wear crystals, from simply putting the stone in your pocket to wearing it minimally, such as a bracelet.

Eye Of The Tiger

Found in regions of South Africa, Brazil, and India, tiger eye is a popular stone for the masculine spirit. As the name implies, looking in a tiger's eye requires 'courage', which this stone is said to manifest plenty. Moreover, tiger eye is known to provide all of the keys to success, including ambition and purpose…deeming it very popular among entrepreneurs.

Men In Black

All black is always classy and in style. The same can be said about these two healing stones, obsidian and tourmaline. Both stones are vital in the energies of protection and clarity. Obsidian helps you overcome numerous problems by clearing your mind and expelling negative energy. Like obsidian, black tourmaline also aids in clarity by carving through anxious thoughts and reducing stress. Black tourmaline is probably 'the' ultimate stone when dealing with negative energies. It gets rid of those unhappy energies, but it is also vital in attracting positive ones.

Malachite For Men

If rose quartz is the love stone for her…then malachite is cupid's arrow for men. Found in several regions of Africa and Russia, malachite is the best stone in attracting love for the 'masculine' nature. The stone helps you to open up to love in a wiser sense. Sometimes deemed the stone of 'tough love', malachite helps you identify past negative behaviours…creating encouragement for change. The stone leaves you open to receive love imperfectly. A reminder to embrace that the journey to finding the perfect partner is relative to YOU.

Behind Every Great Man…Is Some Jasper

Jasper can be found worldwide, with noticeable deposits in India, Madagascar, and Egypt. The red and brown hues of jasper crystals help men feel more familiar. Specifically, more grounded, supported and centred on significant life decisions and situations. Soon to be fathers gain comfort and peace through this earthy toned stone. If you are not ready to rock a jasper necklace, you can easily place the stone on your desk for the same energies.

Staying Focused

Sometimes juggling a full plate in adulthood is inevitable. Men, traditionally, carry the title' leader of the house' and understandably can be overwhelmed. The perfect stone for maintaining focus is sodalite. It helps you to focus your mental energies and compartmentalise each task appropriately. It also aids in improving communication and self-expression…which your partner will be sure to appreciate. The stone can come in various colours, but the deep hues of blues with white inclusions are known as the healing stones of truth.

Do Healing Crystals Work?

This debate is heard all around the world! According to science, the answer may differ from one's own positive thoughts. The use of healing crystals can be seen worldwide for many centuries and is believed to ward off illness and negative energies. However, despite the lack of scientific evidence, healing crystals have gained more popularity. Is it simply a placebo effect...or the power of positive thought? Either way, these crystals make the perfect statement piece in any wardrobe.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and does not substitute for professional medical advice.

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