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Christmas is here again!

I love the lights, the glögg & æbleskiver and hanging out with friends and family. However, this year we might all need more good and diverse books to make up for being with fewer people. Enjoy!

Photograph: iStock

Text: Susan Jessen Spiele

Fascinating debut, gritty fantasy

The Year of Witching

By Alexis Henderson

In Bethel, the Prophet's word is law and Immanuelle's very existence is blasphemy due to her mother's actions. So Immanuelle obeys the rules, however hard, until a chance encounter lets her meet the Dark Mother's followers and everything changes.

Twisty, intricate and different

Second Sister

By Chan Ho-Kei

A fifteen-year-old schoolgirl commits suicide in Hong Kong. Her older sister hires N, a Private investigator and hacker, to help find out why. Their search leads them through a city with a digitised population, cyberbullying, gossip and sexual harassment.

Immersive, emotional love story

What's Left of Me is Yours

By Stephanie Scott

In Japan, a husband hires a professional "breaker-upper" to seduce his wife before divorcing her. But Kaitaro falls in love with Rina. Twenty years later Rina's daughter Sumiko discovers her mother was murdered and looks into the past.

Realistic crime, great characters

Missing, Presumed

By Susie Steiner

A grad student is missing, leaving behind an open door, broken glass and her coat. Detective Sergeant Manon Bradshaw is on the case, knowing full well that after 72 hours chances are she is looking for a body and maybe a murderer.

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