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Cheers to a new year of fashion trends

Photographs: Various

Text: Vanessa Petersen

While everyone is running off to uphold their new year's resolutions, I felt a responsibility to fulfil mine. "New year…new me…right?"... "Umm…not entirely". Of course, the first order of fashion business is highlighting some predicted trends for 2023. Tailoring, denim, and fringing styles are all trends from 2022 that we will continue to see in the new year. However, I must say…2023 is filled with 'twists and turns'.

#1 Exaggerated vibes

One thing that was 'plain to see on runways in 2022 was that 2023 was going to be the year of exaggeration. From too many pockets on cargo pants, and optical illusions, to 3D Floral patterns…we will see works of art roaming the streets. Popular embellishments such as feathers, elevated crochet, and mirrored-disc ensembles will still be on repeat rotation. So when it comes to less is more…forget the 'less' part…just think MORE.

#2 Textile love language

In 2023 we continue to see bedroom talk being discussed on the streets. Romantic fabrics such as lace, tulle, and sheerness will be on public display. Heart motif structures will also be noticeable in 2023..beyond Valentine's Day. Mixing these soft elements with harder structures, such as a corset, will be love at first sight. We will touch more upon corsets later, but let's look at some great ways to introduce sheer pieces into your wardrobe.

#3 Lights, camera, ANGLES!

Earlier I hinted that 2023 was filled with 'twists' and 'turns', so let's talk about the elevation designers are giving to angles! Be prepared to see more blunt 90-degree sharp turns at the intersection of your waist and hips. It's giving Victorian in the 1800's energies but revisited for the modern day. The angles are reserved for the hips, and harsh edges can also be seen on the shoulders and sleeves. We can also apply those bold cuts to A-symmetrical skirts and thigh split hems…we will see A LOT of 'gams in 2023. I can personally say…I am excited about this trend and to finally join the world of curves.

#4 A knight's tale

With all of the worldly chaos, we have experienced…I can tell you that in 2023 we are prepared for battle…literally. Body armour seems to be a trend that will take us into the front lines of the runway. Structured metallics and glimmering golds will be the perfect pop for any ensemble. Chainmail, chest plates, and body chains are a theme seen throughout various runways. So we are ready to slay any apocalypse headed our way (knocks on chest plate). Oops...I don't want to forget spiked bras…we are also adding that to our textile infantry.

#5 Revamped grunge and low-rise denim

In 2023 we are going to see more two-day-old eyeliner and bedhead looks. Remnants of 90's grunge will be seen during Spring 2023. Looks filled with playful flannel, sweeper jeans, and monster boots…will prepare you for the hashtag 'gothic glamour'. Let's just take a quick leap into the Y2K trends that are still going strong in the new year. Denim is the law, and we will see a surge in the hues of indigo and blue. For those new to upcycling and sewing…this is our year, as DIY denim will be all the rave. Not to mention that the low-rise jean is here to stay…so we can finally dust off our trademark stamps.

Are you ready?

Keep in mind that I am a firm believer in ' are the trend'...and self-expression is a timeless style. It is always interesting to see fashion history repeating itself…with hints of contemporary tweaks along the way. Every day I side-eye my mother (if she reads this…ignore that part) for not keeping a box of her clothes for her future fashionista daughter. The underlying theme seen throughout every stitch of fabric is that 'joyful dressing' is STILL in. With that said, let me begin my new trend of 'healthier eating' in 2023 (of course, while browsing metallic pants).

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