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Celebrating your journey

Guide to self-development (Part 10)

Photographs: Unsplash

Text: Aina Masood

Every month for the last nine months, I have talked about different areas of self-development. I focus on why we need to work on this and how we can do it. I want to shift the focus slightly and dedicate this article to talking about celebrating yourself as you walk forward on your path of self-development. Every little step counts, and hence, it is essential to take some time to celebrate and acknowledge what you have achieved.

Why do it in the first place?

Because you are worth it! And because it has many psychological benefits. Celebrating the smallest of successes is inspirational. When we celebrate, endorphins are released to help us feel good and reinforce our behaviour. Our brain learns to continue seeking this activity and looking for “wins for the day.” Training your brain in such a way proves to help you stay motivated. Completing a task also helps foster an internal sense of satisfaction and pride. It is a reaffirmation that you can do well and do well, which feeds your self-esteem and confidence.

Another essential thing to note here is that when we set out to achieve a particular dream or goal, we can end up consumed by the destination itself and forget to enjoy the journey. Celebrating your successes along the way helps you feel grounded and bring your attention to the journey and the small milestones you have already conquered to reach closer to your big dream. It helps you slow down. As you slow down, you can reflect on everything that has helped you come so far in your journey. You can feel and express gratitude for your friends, your skills and abilities, and everything that has helped you.

"When we celebrate, endorphins are released to help us feel good and reinforce our behaviour."

So, overall celebrating yourself is crucial because of the following:

  1. Endorphins

  2. Training your brain to focus on what you have achieved

  3. An internal sense of satisfaction and pride

  4. Increased confidence

  5. It helps you reflect and acknowledge your journey

  6. You are reminded to enjoy the journey

  7. More Gratitude

If it is so important, how do you celebrate yourself? There are several ways you can do this.

The list is long and not restricted to the following:

  1. Write down your achievements and accomplishments, and toast to them

  2. Take yourself out

  3. Dress up, wear your favourite outfit

  4. Pamper yourself

  5. Cut yourself some slack

  6. Gift yourself something

  7. Include your close ones in your celebrations

  8. Accept compliments

  9. Cook your favourite meal

  10. Blast some music and dance

  11. Buy yourself flowers

  12. Host a dinner or a breakfast party

  13. Occasionally, have a ME day (where you do whatever you want to do)

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Your achievements might look different every day. Some days, you might have moved mountains; on others, ticking one thing off your list might be it. You can look at it as your moment of the day. The goal here is to highlight the things you got done and the steps you have taken. Happy Celebrating.

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