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Careers in North Denmark

North Denmark is a region that offers a wide range of opportunities for your career. The region has many growing industries looking to expand and branch out, and these companies are happy to look outside Denmark to acquire the best employees for the job.

Photographs: Visit Denmark

Text: Lasse Frimand Jensen

Aalborg is a city recognised by a European Commission study that is home to the happiest people in Europe. This sense of contentment is reflected throughout the region, making North Denmark an ideal place to live, work, and study.

Grow your career in North Denmark!

In Denmark, companies are recruiting from abroad to address the shortage of qualified professionals. North Denmark is no exception. Denmark's Business Promotion Strategy from 2020-2023 highlighted that finding the right workforce is essential for the future development and growth of companies in the North Denmark region.

North Denmark offers a range of career possibilities including in the four specific business sectors expected to grow, which are called the blue (maritime industry and fishing), the green (energy and green transition), the smart (ICT and digitisation) and the attractive (tourism). In addition, the region is home to highly acclaimed jobs in sectors such as the health sector, the agricultural and food industry, the building and construction industry, and entrepreneurship and innovation. There are also opportunities in emerging technologies such as Power to X, robotics, and space technology.

These significant sectors have large and international companies always looking for new skilled labour, such as Siemens Gamesa, MAN Energy Solutions and Centrica. But a large part of the job market is made up of small to medium-sized enterprises looking to strengthen their workforce with international workers more and more. As the productivity in the region grows, so does the need for capable, skilled and diligent workers who are, in larger and larger part, sourced from the international community.

One of the most significant advantages of living and working in North Denmark is its excellent infrastructure. The region's location and connectivity to highways and motorways E39 and E45, sea transportation, and Aalborg Airport make it an attractive destination for companies and industries. In addition, despite being the northernmost part of Denmark, North Denmark has excellent connections to the rest of the world.

Studying and starting your career

In addition to excellent career opportunities, North Denmark offers top-quality educational options. In 2023, Aalborg ranked in Denmark's top three best places to study. Aalborg is home to two of the most prominent higher education institutions in the region, Aalborg University (AAU) and University College of Northern Denmark (UCN), where UCN also has several locations across the region as well. Both offer globally recognised education, especially in engineering, healthcare and IT.

Coming to North Jutland isn't just a great choice to further your career but also gives excellent opportunities for getting started or changing it. There are many internship and education opportunities where you can get the experience and skills needed to thrive in the Danish job market. Like many other companies and organisations, International House North Denmark (IHND) often hosts internships and actively helps international students and workers find internships. Our newest intern at IHND is an American expat who came to Denmark with her husband. After finishing her master's at Aalborg University, she gained great connections and skills as a project coordinator intern at IHND.

Evidence shows internships as a viable entry into the job market made viable because of the focus put on it by the job centres, the willingness of companies to employ and train interns, and the opportunity to gain public benefits while working as an intern. For this reason, North Jutland isn't just an excellent destination to advance your career but also a great place to start it.

North Denmark is a region that offers many opportunities for those seeking to build up their career. With a diverse range of educational institutions and schools, various job opportunities in many industries, and excellent infrastructure, North Denmark is an ideal place to call home.

You can contact IHND as a one-point entry for any questions or aid you might need, whether you need answers regarding documents or immigration, networking and events or for getting a personal one-on-one consultation about your CV and how to apply for jobs. IHND offers excellent services for people and companies looking to explore working and living in North Denmark.

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