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Beauty Editors favourite cosmetics from around the world

Let's take a trip around the world and find out what other countries have to offer when it comes to cosmetics. I have chosen a handful of countries and products that are made with love from a particular country.


Text: Barbara Mensah


1. Caudalie - Vino Perfect Radiance Serum

396 DKK -

A huge favourite in France. The ultimate serum to perk up the complexion of the skin. Leaves skin looking radiant and fresh. Its unique ingredients Viniferine (a compound found in vine sap), olive squalane, organic camomile and organic grape water, give the plumping effect to the skin.

2. Rene Furterer - Forticea Energising Shampoo

124 DKK -

Another favourite amongst the people of France, in particular, the french hair community. This energising shampoo works on all hair types. Packed full of antioxidants and vitamins to strengthen your hair.


3. Shiseido - Ultimate Power Infusing Concentrate

817 DKK -

A skin-boosting pre-treatment that defends skin against damage and ageing. It preps skin for products that will be used on top. Allows products to be absorbed and acts as the perfect base for skincare routine.


4. Dr Timm Golueke - Royal Fern Phytoactive Anti - Ageing Eye Cream

595 DKK -

A plant-based anti-ageing eye cream. Its made in Germany and has some of the most potent antioxidants incorporated inside, making it super useful. It's rich, nourishing and also lightweight.


5. Teadora Wild Superfoods Lip Drops

Amazon UK

A cruelty-free, vegan blend. These little pear-like drops are easy to use. A simple twist releases a luxurious, moisturising lip condition plump moisturiser. Soothes and protects the lips.


6. Natura Siberica

Available from Kvickly

Made in Russia, this brand uses extracts from roots, medicinal herbs and flowers from Siberia. The plants that are used are eco-friendly. Their products range from night and day moisturiser, masks and cleansing waters.

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