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Beauty Ed's favourite makeup brands so far for 2020

We are only three months into 2020, and already there has been a basket load of new makeup from brands that have been released into the market. Here are a few of my favourites so far for 2020 to keep all of you makeup and beauty enthusiasts excited and busy.

#1 Urban Decay - All nighter face primer longwear foundation grip

A gel-like formulator that dries to a sticky consistency allowing makeup to be placed effortlessly, and to last longer and give off the look of a freshly made-up face. 232 DKK /

#2 Fenty Beauty- Fly pencil longwear eyeliner

This fly pencil eyeliner is smudge-proof and comes in a matte and metallic finish. When it says long-wear, it really does stand up to that. It takes a good oil-based cleanser to remove this game-changer eyeliner. 165 DKK /

#3 L’Oreal Paris - Bambi mascara

Let's just say it does what it says it does on the packaging. It curls and volumises, and certainly gives you luscious Bambi looking lashes. Totally in love with this mascara as there is also no clumps when you apply- what more can you ask for? 119.95 DKK /

#4 YSL Rouge - Volupte rock n shine lipstck

This stunning lipstick has a cleverly placed star, which is plant-based glitter for a sparkling wet, sultry finish. When applying, you certainly feel the luxurious quality of it. 279.95 DKK /

#5 Stilla - Shine fever lip vynyl

14 shades to choose from. Good quality, high pigment. You can’t go wrong. 145 DKK /

#6 Anastasia Beverly Hills - Mini norvina pro pigment palette Vol.3

A limited-edition mini colour collection of high performance matte and metallic pressed pigments. A fabulous collection of colours which allows for a wide range of makeup looks. Every makeup enthusiast needs this in their makeup kit. 270 DKK /

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