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Beauty and wellness industry hardest hit by Covid-19 restrictions

The beauty and wellness industry here in Denmark and worldwide has been savagely affected by the continuous Covid-19 lockdown rules. All hairdressers, beauty salons and yoga studios have been forced to close down for close to a year. In this month's issue, we get some first-hand insight into beauty and wellness business owners who have been heavily affected by the lockdowns.

Photographs: Various

Text: Barbara Mensah

Delight Ifeoma Benson Ohabughiro, 35

Owner of Must Beauty Empire


"My business is in beauty, specialising in hair extensions for both white and black hair, braids, cornrows, crochet, relocking of dreadlocks etc. I also sell hair products like Brazilian hair extensions, wigs, ponytails, hair creams and body creams. Even though I haven't re-stocked my shop as much as I'd wanted to, at least I have some items until I am fully operational again.

I have 5 years of working experience as a hairdresser, but I officially opened my salon on 1st Dec 2020, and then the Covid-19 lockdown hit.

The lockdown hit me extremely hard because, as a new business owner, I wanted to run during the Christmas season and grow a new customer base, but, unfortunately, it didn't work out how I had planned. But I am still holding onto hope that everything will come back to "normal" again.

My biggest struggle right now is paying rent, and due to me opening up the shop only a few months ago, there is no possibility to get the help package from the Danish government. I would love for my friends, loved ones and the international community to support my business. You can do this by following us on Facebook and Instagram to show some love or by ordering products directly from me."

Lisbeth Vogensen, 37

LPG Endermologie Specialist - Owner of Body Detox Klinikken



"I'm a specialist in LPG Endermologie treatments and Gua Sha and Cupping Facials. LPG Endermologie is a deep tissue massage using an electric motorhead which detoxifies, shapes the body, aids lymphatic drainage, revitalises your skin and reduces cellulite. The Gua Sha and cupping facial activate lymphatic drainage, stimulate cell repair, and give your skin a wonderful natural glow.

I decided to start working on opening Body Detox Klinikken right when the COVID-19 pandemic erupted. When the situation got better in Denmark, I decided to begin taking on clients, which was the end of September 2020. The restrictions have locked me down so often that it has been challenging for my business - it has never fully lifted-off! I know many people want to have these treatments, but we keep on having to wait until I can start again. Having to endlessly start-up again means I have to regain and search for clients and do a tremendous amount of start-up marketing to get back to covering my expenses, which takes time. Financially, this has been catastrophic. Not only can I not work, which means I do not make any money, but the current economic compensations do not cover those of us who have recently begun started-up businesses. The way you can help our small businesses stay afloat is to use our services once the restrictions are lifted fully. We encourage you to start booking appointments today!

Julia Grässer, 35

Yoga teacher – Owner of Warrior Princess Yoga


"I am a self-employed full-time yoga teacher and studio owner. That means I work for other studios on a freelance basis and myself in my own yoga studio. I have been working as a teacher for 3 years now. The first lockdown took all my income away as all studios were closed.

I moved to a new place which provided me with just enough money to pay my rent, and then from one moment to the next, I was bankrupt due to Covid restrictions. I wanted to continue and give students a safe space to take care of themselves in these stressful and uncertain times. I found a room, and in just one week, I opened Warrior Princess Yoga in the heart of Copenhagen.

The government decided to put us in the same category as gyms, and my little studio had to close down again after just 3 weeks of business. Some clients left, some stayed to support creating a space where people can meet, connect and learn yoga. I moved my classes online, and luckily a few students joined in on the virtual journey. Wondering how you can help the yoga industry? Firstly acknowledge its importance! Mental health is a real issue, and there are many people in Denmark on sick leave with stress-related issues. If you're not already a member, book an online private class, advance your practice support, yoga teachers. Like and share their Social Media posts. If you enjoy their classes, workshops or courses, leave them a review on Google, Trustpilot or Facebook. Share it with your friends, ask them to join online for a class?

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