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April "spring" in Denmark

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Spring in Denmark is always “interesting”; either we are basking in sunshine or shivering in a snowstorm! Indoors or out, the weather is always perfect for reading. These short stories are just as unpredictable as the Spring, so enjoy.

Photograph: iStock

Text: Susan Jessen Spiele

Eclectic, fun and uncomfortable

Cutting Edge Noir Stories

By Women

Edited by Joyce Carol Oates, this collection of short stories is not for the faint of heart. Fifteen brilliant female writers give their own original take on the noir genre, in a wide variety of very different dark stories not to be missed.

Wild, witty and human

That old country music

By Kevin Barry

These eleven stories are told with rural western Ireland in the background, a place of loneliness and myth. Here outsiders and loners struggle and find passion, which does not always end badly. The fantastic use of language is a treat.

Uneasy, jittery and astute


By Emma Cline

Cline explores entitled fathers in a World after Metoo and how they pass the privilege on to their children. But at the same time, she shows how younger women play on their look with older men. Nobody has the moral high ground here.

Weird, strange and genuine

Modern times

By Cathy Sweeney

Twenty concise stories. Twisted fables that touch on the peculiar relationships between people seem normal to them but are really funny, grim or nasty for everybody else. This is Sweeney’s debut, and it is a strong and very original one.

Did you know?

Finally, it seems like we will get back to something a little more normal soon; on the 21st of April, public libraries should open again! Until then, remember that most of them have Click & Collect. You can order via the libraries’ website and pick it up when it is ready. Regarding the opening, follow our websites. See you all soon!

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