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A mirror into the future

Predictions for the new year

Photograph: iStock

Text: Narcis George Matache

Time seemed to have stopped during 2020. The planet's rotations came to a halt and humanity stepped into the unknown - my generation's first pandemic. Lives have been prematurely lost and changed. We all moved into the future, scarred, one way or another. Never has a year been more anticipated, than 2021. You can almost see the hope on people's lips when they talk about it. Hope is great, but we need to keep in mind that 2021 will be a transition year, yet a year that will mark the digital green era's birth.

We have a tradition in my family. Before New Year, we write on a piece of paper, what we want from the next year and then, in the first minutes of the new year, we burn it. It is a great tool for reflection, as it forces you to look at what's missing, understanding what you want from the future.

As inhabitants of Denmark, our common wish list paper is the yearly finance law. We find out, what is to be expected in the following year, as long as no global catastrophe appears again. In 2020, we kept the economy on transfusions, with truckloads of money, to minimise society's damage. Therefore, imagine my surprise when I read the finance law for 2021.

More money will be further spent, after all, a significant number of resources are necessary to rebuild society and heal its wounds. Yet, society will look different after the rebuilding process is over. We cannot go back to how it was in 2019. We need to prepare ourselves for the next great catastrophe, climate change etc. That's why the financial law of 2021, heralds a new era, an era of digitalisation and green transition.

Predictions for 2021

In 2021, the green transition process will go full steam ahead all over the European Union. Coupled with digitalisation, it will mean that a great many things will be changed about society as we know it.

The job market configuration will receive the most significant impact. Green transition and digitalisation require specific skills from the population. Measures to convince unemployed people to consider upskilling or retraining have been put in place. Specific to Denmark, other fields will also require an infusion of human resources, such as medical and social assistance, elderly care and jobs related to the mental health field.

"In 2021, the green transition process will go full steam ahead all over the european union."

Besides the massive investments in nature and biodiversity (establishment of 75.000 hectares virgin forest and 13 nature parks, etc.), the education and culture infrastructure will receive a make-over. In contrast, the economy will receive an adrenaline shot. Entrepreneurs and small business owners are also high on the agenda, with considerable funds available to make them competitive in the green transition race.

There are countless business opportunities derived from the financial law of 2021. From start-up demolition companies (a fund has been established to help municipalities eliminate empty houses). To the use of new technologies in agriculture to produce aviation fuel and bio-fertiliser. Not even the sky is limiting anymore, as soon we will be able to travel as tourists to space. One thing is for sure, the green and digital era will not happen by itself. We all have to play a role in it. Happy New Year!

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