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6 energy-saving tips you want to know!

With a cold winter ahead, everyone is feeling the pinch of the looming energy crisis. We are all interested in saving money. Where to start, and which methods are most effective? Here are six simple tips that can help reduce your electricity consumption.

Photographs: Unsplash

Text: Lyndsay Jensen

#1 Standby

Your TV still uses power even when not in use, as it's on standby. So here is a great way to reduce electricity consumption quickly. The same goes for many other electrical appliances, such as stereos and DVD players. You can save between DKK 700-1200 in electricity per year if these devices are switched off entirely instead of being on standby.

#2 Power saving multiplug

If you forget to switch off all appliances, buy a power-saving multiplug. It can automatically switch off the power entirely because it can sense when the appliances are on standby. It also allows one of your devices to decide when everything must be switched off – for example, when you switch off your TV, all other connected devices switch off automatically. They're inexpensive and can be purchased for around DKK 50.

#3 The fridge

This appliance uses the most electricity in your home, as it constantly ensures that a low temperature is maintained and can never be switched off. However, you can still influence your fridge consumption.

  • Ensure that the fridge and freezer are set correctly, i.e. the fridge at 5 degrees and the freezer at -18 degrees.

  • If the temperature is lower than this, it increases power consumption.

  • If you put hot food into the fridge, it has to work extra hard to keep the temperature down. This results in increased electricity consumption. If, on the other hand, you wait until the food has cooled down a little, you can help your fridge, as it does not have to work as hard. It's also a great habit to thaw your frozen food inside the fridge - this helps the fridge remain cold, which reduces power consumption.

#4 Preheat

Many recipes tell you to preheat your oven. However, waiting for the oven to heat up is often unnecessary. If you put the food in the oven at the same time as you switch the oven on, you can save the electricity used to heat the oven. This won't ruin your favourite dish as most recipes require more than 15 minutes in the oven.

#5 LED bulbs

You've probably heard the advice to replace your home's old light bulbs with energy-saving light ones. Today, the advice is to change from energy-saving bulbs to LED bulbs. They are more expensive, but they are the cheapest solution in the long run as they last twice as long as ordinary energy-saving bulbs. Warning: Make sure they are a reputable brand! Every bulb you replace with LEDs saves you more than DKK 500 over time. In addition, LED bulbs last much longer than incandescent bulbs, which means you don't have to replace your bulbs prematurely and can save money on new bulbs.

#6 Electricity consumption

An easy way to keep an eye on your electricity consumption is by comparing your electricity bills and reading your electricity meter - this gives you an idea of your home's general electricity consumption. If there are large fluctuations in consumption, it may be due to a broken electrical appliance that needs to be replaced. Many energy companies allow customers to follow the household's electricity consumption online. This is a great way to track your consumption and not have a minor heart attack when you receive your next electricity bill!

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