Assisting internationals in their adjustment to life in Denmark.

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Autumn Foliage

“And the sun took a step back, the leaves lulled
themselves to sleep and autumn was awakened.”

Raquel Franco

Current Issue

October 2022
Cover picture: Terumi Mascarenhas -

The ebbs and flows of special needs parenting

Being a parent is tough. Let's face it; your life has changed dramatically. But what happens when your child has special needs and all the additional challenges that go hand-in-hand with that? As a mom with a son with cerebral palsy, this is my tribute to all parents navigating this journey, and check in to say you're doing a great job!



Lyndsay Jensen

Editor and Founder


Special Supplements


Lolland August 2021

Lolland - a hidden gem for internationals.

The first weeks and months in a new country can be exciting yet disorienting as you adapt to your new life and surroundings. A lot of things can cause uncertainty during the first few days. In this handy guide for internationals, we give you a glimpse of what to expect from your new home. The upcoming Fehmarn Belt construction, new public international school, work-life balance that Danes are famous for, business opportunities, and many other interesting articles. I think it’s pretty clear to see why Lolland is fast becoming the newest international attraction hub.


Happy settling in...



Lyndsay Jensen

Editor and Founder