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World Pride – World Love

Since 1996 Copenhagen Pride has grown every year, and this year it is WorldPride. From 12-22 August, you will find the rainbow and events everywhere in Copenhagen and Malmø. You can start here with these titles. Enjoy!

Photograph: iStock

Text: Susan Jessen Spiele

A nuanced, intriguing debut

You exist too much

By Zenia Arafat

A Palestinian American queer woman grapples with feelings of otherness, love addiction, a complex relationship with her mother and destructive relationships. Then, realising she needs help to fight her demons after she cheats on her latest girlfriend, she starts treatment.

Witty, messy and sharp

Detransition, baby

By Torrey Peters

Reese is a transwoman who used to be in a relationship with Amy, who transitioned back to Ames and has now impregnated his boss, Katrina. However, he is not comfortable with his role as a father and wishes to bring Reese into the parenting.

Powerful, imaginative and important

The prophets

By Robert Jones Jr.

Samuel and Isaiah are two young slaves growing up at Empty, a plantation in Mississippi. So close since birth, their relationship turns to love, which slowly becomes an issue for the people at the plantation. Both black and white.

Varied, distinct and multifaceted

Queer: A Collection of LGBTQ Writing from Ancient Times to Yesterday

LGBTQ writers have always been around, and some of their work is collected here. From Catullus and Sappho to Wilde and Bechdel, here is a well-curated selection of queer writings from and for the ages.

Did you know?

Public libraries are a place where everybody is welcome regardless of nationality, sexuality and gender, but we are aware that we can always do better. If you feel that there are books or other materials you are missing at your local library, please ask! We do not have unlimited resources, but we do take pride in finding something for everybody.

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