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Women are everywhere

For a long time, women were nearly invisible in the history books. To a certain extent, that oversight is being remedied in both non-fiction and fiction now, so here are some kick-ass historical women. Enjoy.

Photograph: Unsplash

Text: Susan Jessen Spiele

Unique woman, unique writing


By Lauren Groff

Marie is sent from France to England at seventeen years old to be the new prioress of an impoverished abbey. She does not fit at Eleanor’s court or marriage, but she rebuilds the abbey and a great life for herself from a rocky start.

Equally heartbreaking and hopeful

The Four Winds

By Kristin Hannah

Elsa is an ordinary, poor woman farming in Texas in 1934 when the drought hit. Alone with two children, she faces hard decisions that will impact the rest of their lives. Will she stay or move out to California.

A powerhouse of a woman

The Captive Queen

By Alison Weir

Eleanor of Aquitaine is 26 years old, mother of two and queen of France when she meets 18-year-old Henry Plantagenet. She leaves all behind to follow him and helps him become king of England. Their marriage is everything but boring!

A timely, poignant story

The Personal Librarian

By Marie Benedict

Belle Da Costa Greene became J.P.Morgan’s librarian and created a fantastic collection of rare books and art. She was a career woman when they were few and an influential woman. But she carried a secret; she was black.

Did you know?

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