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‘Tis the season to be groovy

Indeed it is! We are all eagerly waiting for 2024 to kickstart a new, improved, incredibly goal-fetching year, but why wait?

Photographs: Pexels

Text: Alexandra Beck

Why are we waiting for the perfect start of a new year to get into the groove of the mindset you procrastinated in 2023? December is a busy, magical, sometimes stressful period, and we are masters at procrastinating the good stuff til later. This year is no different from the last, and there are already so many little steps we can take to do new and exciting stuff for everyone else and ourselves.


You are certainly being spammed by numerous social media posts about offers for gym memberships, personal training, local activities and countless deals for all sorts of cool things to do in your area. And guess what? The spam is because the algorithm has picked up on you eyeing up, scrolling, and spending time on these ads that have sparked your interest, even just for a few moments. So why wait? Pick one. Any one. What is the worst that can happen? Nobody is tying you down if you don’t enjoy one or the other. And you may enjoy the activities before they get crowded in January!


I don’t know about you, but since I have been living in Denmark, I have been asked about my “wishlist”, whether it be for Christmas, my birthday, housewarming, anniversary party or any other occasion worth celebrating. This still always surprises me - because people seem to be expecting a material list of things I must desire to own. When it comes down to it, though, my true wishes are far beyond possessions. I wish to be healthy and strong. I wish to improve my skills as a coach. I wish to grow my reach as a group fitness instructor. By voicing some, perhaps quite intangible aspirations, my surroundings get an idea of what is meaningful to me and mostly want to help by engaging in interesting sparring conversations, sharing my posts and stories on their platforms and introducing me to new people, new resources and many other inspiring ways to reach my true “wishes”. So give it a go. Speak up about what really matters to you!


You don’t have to limit yourself to an indoor activity to get some movement in. Dress up in some cosy winter layers and get outside. Walk around the Christmas markets, take a trip by the sea, and get some FRESH AIR. It’s proven that exercising in colder air has numerous health benefits, like a boosted immune system, better sleep quality and improved focus. If you are making up excuses for indoor and outdoor activities, you are spending a lot of energy defending why you are NOT doing something as opposed to fighting for all the reasons you should do something about your goals, health and movement patterns, am I right?

Let this be your sign to take positive action and set aside the countless limitations you have created for yourself to avoid doing what will ultimately help you thrive.

At the end of the day, the week, the month, or even the year (yes, I’m a big Friends fan), it will always be up to you to choose either staying still or moving forward. If you are scared of change, that’s okay; it’s quite normal, but be more afraid of staying where you are today. If you have been postponing taking action towards what you believe will make you happier, give the past year a quick check-in, and picture yourself getting towards the end of 2022 - where were you? Did you do everything you promised yourself to do in 2023? Are you where you want to be now?

No matter what, you are doing great because you are doing your best. And sometimes, we just need a little nudge for big things to happen. Happy holidays, and I hope to see you in the New Year!

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