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Times of crisis call for creativity

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Photograph: iStock

Text: Jakob Weizman

Brian Pedersen and his wife, Mia, moved back to Denmark three years ago after spending several years abroad in places such as Brazil and India. Nestling their home in Billund, where they are raising their children and accustoming themselves to Danish life, as Brian is a native of Denmark whilst Mia hails from Indonesia.

As the COVID-19 pandemic began affecting the nation, the Pedersen family found a way to help their community during turbulent times.

“Designer masks begin to trend in Denmark's southern region, thanks to Mia Pedersen's local start-up.”

"When the coronavirus first hit the news, our daughter wanted to do something to protect her family and friends. This was before the virus had been registered in Denmark, and thus before any lock-down or other restrictions had been imposed," said Mia. "Soon she got bored with making masks (she is 11 years old) and I took over."

After hearing from her sister, who works as a doctor in Indonesia, that her home country was facing a severe shortage of protective masks, Mia became inspired to find a way to give back to her own community.

"At some point, friends started asking for more masks, or for masks for their friends and family, which is when the activity really took off. And finally, I opened up to the larger community," revealed Mia.

"People seem to enjoy having something different other than the disposable mask."

Her small business initiative even gained coverage regionally, featuring on the front page of Jydske Vestkysten, a regional newspaper based in Southern Denmark.

"There seems to be a feeling that if you have to wear a mask, do it with a little style," added Mia.

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