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Supportive network for women in Denmark

Photograph: Career Club

Text: Martina Popadakova

The Career Club Denmark connects over 550 internationally like-minded women with 67 different nationalities, and it is continuing to grow. Last July, the network for international women in Denmark launched the first event of its kind, to celebrate the power of resilience amongst women of diverse backgrounds who live and work in Denmark.

Nischa Don Maak, the woman behind this club, organised a successful inclusive event. “The red carpet, hospitality, and the energy of the organisers made me feel exceptional. I feel empowered by the life stories, career challenges, and work joys women share with each other.” One of many positive impressions’ shared with The International.

The Career club wants to unite females to define and transform what it means to be a woman building a career in Denmark. Nischa explains her initiative: “I am a very internationally minded Danish woman, and I understand how it can be difficult to make friends and settle in Denmark. That is the main reason why I started the Career Club to empower and connect international women in Denmark.”

Nischa is a career coach with 12 years of hiring business management experience, and she joined together her passion and expertise to provide space for learning.

“The Career Club aims not just to unite women in our community, we also create a platform and space for professional development.”

The new start-up offers free membership with regular online and offline events, where members can extend their network, meet with mentors, recruiters, and experts. “The common goal is to support, socialise and advance our careers as women in the Danish work culture.” Nischa, with many years of professional experience, encourages every woman to join because she believes networking is the primary key to success in Denmark. For more info: / / @careerclubdk

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