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Start the New Year in the fairytale city

The New Year has a magic feel to it, and we often start it with a wish for a clean slate. Intending to find your fresh start by moving to Odense, the fairytale Fyn-based city? Here are some tips on how to make sure your relocation has a fairytale ending!

Photographs: Unsplash

Text: Michaela Medveďová

#1 The first point of arrival to Odense is the train station for many internationals. And symbolically, the perfect start of your journey - the International Citizen Service Center office is located nearby! They will help you register for a civil registration number (CPR) or residence permit and guide you through the tax system or job seeking.

#2 Or you might want to contact the International Community Odense, even before you arrive. They offer resources and answers to practical matters like housing, schools, or banks. But, as your fairy godmother, they will also lead you to the ball - with their social activities like Chat in Danish, Spouse Cafe, or International Meetups, neither you nor your family will feel alone for long.

#3 Giving back is an essential part of Danishness. Odense’s abundance of second-hand stores with a charitable cause is one sign of it, and they might come in handy in the beginning - there’s many a sofa to be found there! But in time, you might feel the urge to give back, too. That’s where Frivilligjob will come in handy, listing the volunteering opportunities in Odense you can take to help (and expand your network while you’re at it).

#4 Though living in Odense won’t always be sunshine and rainbows, the initial language barrier can make seeking therapy even tougher. However, it’s important you know there is a helping hand - you are only one internet search away from the option of therapy specifically aimed towards internationals.

When the darkness falls - figuratively and literally - it’s nice to remember you still live in the city of fairytales. Whether you’ve already got to know the city well or are just starting to explore, take a tour of the fairytale sculptures inspired by Hans Christian Andersen scattered across the city. And when you’re standing next to the Steadfast Tin Soldier, maybe you’ll be reminded of the magic all around you - and your strength.

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