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Spring energy!

Photographs: Pexels

Text: Monika Pedersen

March is synonymous with the start of a new season, Spring. Finally, the darkness of the winter months can be exchanged for the emergence of brighter and longer days. This brings renewed hope and inspiration to all.

School activity

It is the start of preparations for the last segment of the year at school. With school being over by the end of June, the Easter holidays, and many national holidays in May, there is a need to use the existing weeks in the most profitable way. In secondary school, the atmosphere is feverish, as there are only a few more weeks of revision and review before the start of the annual examination season. The pressure is on for both teachers and students.

The lower school focuses on ensuring students have covered the curriculum to be ready for their next grade level.

A love for reading

A lovely way to approach firming up literacy is through 'World Book Day'. For many, it may just be a one-day event, but in some schools, it is a month-long activity to further promote the importance and joy of reading and writing.

The project involves a 'reading passport', which is a booklet to record the books read and share some aspects of them. Students can read books of any genre and on any subject area they enjoy. A competitive element can be introduced to spur students to read more and outdo each other! Students share their 'passports' with their teacher and a count is made of individual reading and the class's score. There are individual and class prizes to be achieved.

Activities such as story writing, book cover competitions, and actual book reviews are the core of the work.

The hub of a school tends to be its library, and never is this more apparent than in the lead-up to 'World Book Day'. The librarian is in his/her element, organising an enticing display of books and drawing up countless schedules so classes can come, browse, and exchange books.

The school foyer is key for showcasing the school's forthcoming book fair, book swap, and a visit by a children's author.

The finale is a 'World Book Day' assembly with all students and teachers dressed as their favourite characters from literature. There is a carnival-like atmosphere with a parade, and the absolute high point of excitement is the prize-giving ceremony.

The most inspiring aspect is that this fosters a student's love of reading, which is priceless in the age of social media and endless streaming!

"A lovely way to approach firming up literacy is through 'World Book Day'."

Mathematical magic

By no means so powerful, but still great fun is the celebration of Pi. The number π, aka "pi", is a mathematical constant that is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, approximately equal to 3.14159. The magic is the fact that it is infinite and almost fantasy-like. Such aspects ignite curiosity in students, so a day of mathematical activities and dressing up as Pi is a fantastic way to bring the subject area into another realm. And there is also the need to eat some 'pie' to celebrate the occasion!

STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics)

Through this amazing multi-discipline approach, students can be engaged in exciting projects involving the application of essential soft skills such as communication, teamwork, critical thinking, and reflection.

The projects are developed to suit age-appropriate curriculums. Thus, it is possible to use a particular theme, such as sustainable tiny houses and differentiate the types of activities devised to meet the requirements of different grade levels.

The project is an avenue by which students can explore the materials needed to construct the house, where the materials can be sourced, the associated costs, and the most environmentally friendly and practical way to transport them. Then, there is the design of the building, the purpose of the home, and the need to consider the location and nature of the surroundings. In addition, there is the heating system, light, insulation, and furnishings that need to be developed for a limited space.

The project can become huge, so time parameters and target goals must be established and kept to!

Time evaporates

A fascinating and rich learning experience can help students prepare for their future world by removing the usual time constraints of set lessons. It is easy to see how the days disappear and the end of the academic year arrives again!


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