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Spice up your workouts

Autumn is time to un-pause the gym membership or discover an opportunity to try something new!

Photographs: Pexels

Text: Alexandra Beck

If you are like me, you absolutely love the autumn for all the cosiness it brings to our free time - pumpkin spice lattes, fluffy sweaters and lots of chestnut hunting with the kids. As cooler days set in, we are also starting to feel like it’s about time to get into some fitness routines to keep up with the cinnamon buns. We have been blaming the good weather for postponing the gym sessions, and now we are discussing with our inner selves about what will make us move our bodies more.

Whatever you decide, here are some tips on how to spice up your workouts:


Yes! Hire a personal trainer for a few sessions to get your goals set and your programme in place. Nothing is better than getting external advice on how to go around the gym’s equipment efficiently and according to your time needs and physical objectives.

We have all been aimlessly wandering the gym floor and spending valuable time doing nothing but a few stretches. Believe me when I tell you that you can get a very good programme in the bank within 30-40 minutes if you know exactly what to do.


You have decided to get back on the nutrition train and dug out the meal plan you got ten years ago… leave it in the drawer, or even better, throw it out! Your body, lifestyle and movement patterns have almost certainly changed over the years, meaning your old meal plan will no longer be relevant, no matter how it “worked for you” back then.


This may sound odd, but getting some new gear may just help you to get moving! Not only will it make you feel more “ready” for a workout by making you feel more confident, but it will also give you more freedom in your movement by choosing the right clothing. Moreover, consider changing your footwear regularly if you plan on working out 2-3x per week - although your shoes may look new if you have been wearing them for months (or even years), they may no longer be providing you with the support you need and may be the cause of some unwanted injuries, like heel spurs.


The power that music has on your motivation is unbelievable! If you have repeatedly listened to the same tracks, it may be time to update those Spotify playlists. Did you know you can easily share playlists with friends and family or find amazing new ones on most online music platforms? It’s a great way to get some excellent sound in your headphones and level up your overall pace. Ensure that the music is uplifting and with a happy beat to avoid wanting to meditate instead of lifting the weights.


Fitness trackers and pulse watches are an excellent way of making your daily movement more fun and a little competitive if that is what you enjoy! Personally, I love my Apple Watch. I make it a mission to close all my “circles” daily - clocking in my steps, daily exercise goals and staying time. It may just be another gadget, but if it will help you to get going, it’s worth a try!

It’s never easy to start or stay in the workout routine game, so if you have been thinking about it and want to make a conscious step towards a healthier lifestyle, some of the above may just help nudge you in the right direction. It did for me. Especially getting new workout accessories.

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