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Skincare and beauty trends 2021

As a makeup artist and beauty therapist, I’m always on the lookout for the latest trends in the industry. Researching and predicting trends is usually easy as the runway often sets the tone. With the pandemic, there’s been a stop to runway shows and a lot of beauty trade shows which usually navigated the direction trends are going. However, not all is lost, trends are in full force for 2021. I have pulled out a few of the significant trends that have been hovering since 2020 and will get their time to shine this year.


Text: Barbara Mensah

Cruelty-free year

2020 saw vast numbers of beauty brands execute their commitment to cruelty-free products. Especially now that the world has observed what a pandemic is capable of. A colossal wakeup call for society to practice kinder ways of cosmetic lab research.

Bio-tech takeover

2021 will definitely be the year where the biotech industry will lead the beauty industry in the right direction. They will develop and process far more technologies and products which will focus on improving our lives and health whilst keeping us looking fresh and young. Sustainable solutions will be the way forward. Green and eco-friendly products will be at the forefront of this year.

Multipurpose product use

There’s no doubt that multifunctional products will be at the frontline of many beauty brands when they produce new products. Personally, I love a good two in one product. There’s nothing better than the feeling of getting your money’s worth from a purchase. We will see facial cleansers double up as makeup removers, moisturisers as aftershave creams and foundations as eyeshadows, blusher’s, and lipsticks.

Natural beauty is best

Could this be the year which we fully embrace our natural selves? Looks like it could be. We are noticing a high number of influencers gravitating towards body positivity, self-love, and a whole lot natural self-care, not to mention natural makeup looks.

Liquid facelifts

As much as the natural look is making waves in trends this year, the not so natural quick fix is here to stay. Procedures such as botox, fillers and non-evasive lasers are on the rise. These procedures return volume, get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, redefine and shape jawline and nasal frames. They are a quick, easy solution which often means you get to dodge the dangers of major surgeries.

Customised skincare routine

More and more, we will see customised skincare from companies going into immediate effect. It will be as easy as doing your food shopping online. Most will have a simple way of testing client’s skin which will then decide which products will specifically be beneficial for their skin type.

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