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RE:LOCATIONS - new theatre for a new time!

RE:LOCATIONS is a relocation in our minds. In our actions. Something has changed. Something new is emerging.

Photographs: RE:LOCATIONS

Text: The International

RE:LOCATIONS is a digital-first in this performing arts festival. Work produced directly to a digital stage and diving deep into artistic opportunities in the digital field. Embracing a new emerging genre in performing arts that contains so much potential for worldwide collaborations – generated by wifi.

All shows are carefully selected for their high level of artistic quality and aspiration in working digitally.

"Digital first theatre can give the audiences an intimate, present theatre experience where they themselves are part of the play - though based safely behind their own screen. As a diversion from the laid-back Netflix couch. THE JOURNEY is an extraordinary way of connecting and sharing a culture experience together - even though you log in from different cities, different countries, different continents. That is grand in these times - isn't it?" - Karen Toftegaard, Festival Director

Shows are performed by people situated in Ghent, Copenhagen, Mumbai and South Africa. The audience watching this new digital theatre is based in Aalborg, Berlin, New York, Helsinki, Dar Es Salaam, Teheran, Porto - the skies are the limit with this lively new digital intimate stage.

When is it happening?

NOW: 21. April – 9. May

What shows are on?

TM By Ontroerend Goed (BE)

AVATAR ME By Fix&Foxy (DK)

The Journey By Scott Silven (UK)

Where can I book?

For more information:

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