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Post-BREXIT Residency Permits for Brits

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

How to secure your Danish residency!

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Text: Mariano Anthony Davies

As a result of the UK-EU Withdrawal Agreement, British Citizens living in Denmark, who have secured a legal status in Denmark before 31 December 2020, will be able to preserve their right to live in Denmark.

The Withdrawal Agreement allows you to maintain your right to reside in Denmark in accordance with the EU rules of Freedom of Movement within the EU countries. This means that you can continue to live, work or study in Denmark following the same conditions under which you have resided in Denmark until now.

However, if you are a UK resident who has NOT taken up legal residence in Denmark and exercised their right to free movement before 31 December 2020, you must apply for a residence permit as a third-country national under the Danish Aliens Act, if you wish to take up residence in Denmark after 31 December 2020. Anyone who falls into this category must submit an application to the Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI) or the Immigration Service.

Residence Permit Renewal

If you have dual nationality, Danish and British citizenship, these new rules do not apply. Everyone else with British citizenship MUST apply as the Withdrawal Agreement redefines British citizen rights within the EU.

All UK citizens and their family members, who have taken up legal residence in Denmark, and have been exercising their right to free movement under the EU rules before 31 December 2020, must apply for a new residence status.

If you meet the Withdrawal Agreement's conditions and fill out the required Residence Permit Renewal Form, SIRI will issue a Residence Card that will document your right to reside in Denmark. The new Residence Cards will be valid for five years (temporary residence) and ten years (permanent residence).

Biometric data requirements

Once you have submitted your application for a new residence status, you must have your biometric data recorded in order to receive a Residence Card. SIRI has five branch offices in Denmark where this can be done – Copenhagen, Odense, Aalborg, Aarhus and Aabenraa. If you are outside Denmark, when you need to do this, you can go to a Danish Diplomatic Mission or a Visa Application Centre (VFS).

Communication with SIRI

If you have a temporary or permanent Residence Permit that needs to be renewed, you should have received a letter from SIRI in November 2020 (overview of the new residence situation for British citizens living in Denmark) and again in December 2020 (age-based timetable for when you should apply). If these rules apply to you and you have not heard from SIRI or lost the information, which should have arrived in your e-Boks, you need to contact SIRI (+45 7214 2005) as soon as possible.


When you fill out the Residence Permit Renewal Application, which you can find by clicking on Online Skema BR1, you will need to upload a copy of your valid passport and your present Residence Permit. The system will allow you to upload a Word document, a PDF or a photo file.

"You cannot successfully fill out the required data at the moment using a Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser."

Browser tips

My experience, which has been confirmed by others who have completed their Residence Permit Renewal Application, you cannot successfully fill out the required data at the moment using a Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser. The only browser which seems to work is Mozilla Firefox.

Luckily, Mozilla Firefox is a free open-source browser that will take you less than five minutes to download. Click HERE to download Mozilla Firefox.

Application completion

Once you have completed the Residence Permit Renewal Application Form BR1, you will receive a notification that SIRI has received your application and you must then wait for SIRI to send you a date and time when you can go to one of the SIRI Centres to record your biometric data. If this date does not suit you, you will be able to change it to a more convenient day and time.

Families and spouse/cohabitants who wish to submit their applications together can do so and are encouraged to submit these applications in the month indicated for the oldest person. This is important as SIRI processing time is between 2-3 months.

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