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Pick yourself a bushel of tasty fall fun

Find a cosy orchard to pluck your own apples, pears and pumpkins

Photographs: Erin Gustafson

Text: Erin Gustafson

There is something about 2020 that has made many of us revert to our pre-industrial roots. Raise your hand if you’ve had a go at baking your own bread. Did you possibly plant a little garden? There is a decided pleasure in putting your hands in the earth and pulling up your own vegetables.

But maybe you don’t have access to a green space or nary a balcony to plant a pot. You too can still reap the rewards of this season’s harvest. And October is a lovely time to do it in Denmark. Ripe and ready for your canning, juicing, jamming, cake-baking and pie-making pursuits are crisp and juicy local Danish apples and pears. It’s a brilliant way to spend a day out filling your own buckets, baskets and bushels with fresh fruit and fresh air.

In Danish, it’s called selvpluk, or self-pick. To find a farm near you and fashion your own fall ritual, turn to Search by your postal code to get local farms’ opening hours, directions, and contact information. Do a double-check before you head out as many operations only offer self-picking on the weekends but may have farm shops open throughout the week.

For those who aren’t planning travel or escapes too far afield for this efterårsferie, or fall break, add an outing to an apple orchard and soak up the season. Here are 7 spots around the country to check out this month.

On Jutland

Karensminde Frugtplantage

Eriksmindevej 38, 8300 Odder

Sitting squarely in between Horsens and Aarhus, Karensminde has been offering fresh farm fruit and personal picking opportunities to the region since 1932. Family run with a well-stocked gårdbutik, or farm shop, on-site for those who prefer easy access to apples and fruit.


Kræmmergårdvej 50, 7660 Bækmarksbro

West of Hostebro and north of Ringkøbing, you’ll find Kræmmergård, part of the larger network of regional growers and producers in West Jylland, collectively called Madkultur Vestjylland. The goal here is to provide good quality seasonal products in harmony with the environment and with the shortest path to you, the consumer.

Løjstrup Hovedgård Frugtplantage

Brogesvej 6, 8870 Langå

Twenty minutes outside Randers, you’ll find the historic Løjstrup farm that has been active in this area since the 13th century. Family-owned for four generations, this pretty spot near the Gudenå River offers a variety of apple and pear types for picking.

On Funen

Nybro Frugtplantage

Lille Salbyvej 54, 5370 Mesinge

An idyllic orchard outside of the cutest Danish village of Kerteminde - Nybro Frugtplantage. Pull your little one along in a cart as you pluck. Join in the farm’s treasure hunt and look out for the golden apple. Find it and win 50 kilograms of free fruit.

On Zealand

Frydenlund Slot Frugtplantage

Frydenlunds Alle 23B, 2950 Vedbæk

This orchard north of Copenhagen sits outside a palace and has been growing apples since the 1700s. These are some seriously heirloom æbler. Pack a snack to enjoy in between the trees at available picnic tables on-site.

Kildebrønde Frugtplantage

Kildebrønde Landevej 41, 2670 Greve

One of the only spots in the country that offers both apple and pumpkins for your self-picking pleasure. Kildebrønde farm is half-way between Copenhagen and Køge and has fields full of græskar, pumpkins, the kind you can carve for your Halloween trick or treat.

On Lolland

Lolle Frugt

Gl Killerup 8, 4990 Sakskøbing

A bit further south, on the lovely island of Lolland you’ll find the aptly named Lolle Frugt. Here you’ll find pears, apples and fresh-pressed juice. Follow the charming Danish owner Erik on the Lolle Frugt Facebook page to see what’s fresh in the fields when you’re heading out.

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