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OMG, it is upon us...

Christmas is here, and even though the lights are dimmer than usual, it is time to hygge big time. Read the books you missed this year - or go all in with these seasonal titles. Enjoy!

Photograph: Unsplash

Text: Susan Jessen Spiele

Charming and delightful spoof

God Rest Ye, Royal Gentlemen

By Rhys Bowen

1935. Newlywed Georgie and her husband suddenly have to spend their first Christmas at his aunt’s house near Sandringham and the royal family. Here Georgie is to spy on Mrs Simpson for the Queen, but a couple of deaths intervene.

Magical, evocative and hyggelig

A Scandinavian Christmas

By various authors

Sixteen short stories from Hans Christian Andersen to modern-day authors will set the mood for your Christmas. There is folksy magic, snow-covered landscapes, trolls and sadness. This is a good all-round selection of seasonal Nordic.

Uplifting and feel-good

The Christmas Escape

By Sarah Morgan

Christy and Alix are besties, so when Christy asks Alix to take her four-year-old daughter to Lapland ahead of her parents, Alix is okay with that. However, their friend Zac is also coming along, and there is a history between them.

Festive and seasonal romance

Underneath the Christmas Tree

By Heidi Swain

Wynter’s Trees was the business and joy of Liza’s father, but since he died, Liza has wanted nothing to do with it. Now his partner wants to retire, and Liza needs to return and handle the transition to his son Ned.

Did you know?

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