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North Zealand International School is growing

North Zealand International School is growing and has become a top-rated school.

Photographs: North Zealand International School

Text: Shani Bishop, North Zealand International School

The school offers quality education in high demand, and families from North Zealand and Copenhagen choose NIS for their children. To grow slowly and responsibly, NIS is doubling classes gradually over several years. In August this year, NIS will go from one year 7 class to two. To allow the learners in year 7 to bond with each other, the class size will be limited to 15 to 18 learners, to begin with.

A Cambridge education

Secondary learners at NIS work with the internationally recognised Cambridge Assessment International Education curriculum, culminating in IGCSE qualifications. These are accepted and valued by universities and employers across the world. Over 10,000 schools in over 160 countries follow the Cambridge international curriculum. The IGCSE course is two years from year 10 to year 11 (14 to 16-year-olds), however at NIS, students are gently prepared in their Lower Secondary years to be ready. The Cambridge programme stretches, challenges and inspires our students, so they are equipped for the next steps, often the IB Diploma Programme or a return to the national curricula of their home country and the global workplaces they will meet after that.

What makes NIS unique

Cathy Lowder, a secondary school teacher, explains what makes NIS unique for learners. “We have 18 teachers working in the secondary school at NIS. Our diverse team, hailing from the UK, US, India, Denmark, and other countries, brings so much expertise and experiences to teaching the Cambridge course. As a small(er) school, there is a genuine sense of community and collaboration between primary and secondary departments. This ensures strong continuity in both academic learning and pastoral care.”

As a science teacher, Cathy whole heartedly believes in ‘Science for all’ and brings her enthusiasm and passion for the subject into the classroom to foster that interest in her learners and develop them into critical and observant thinkers.

"As a small school, the teachers and learners know each other all the way through so teachers can tailor-make their teaching to meet the different learning needs of students."

NIS Learner Profile and school trips

NIS strives to develop learners who are reflective, knowledgeable, thinkers, communicators, principled, open-minded, caring, risk-takers, balanced and reflective. Although we know that teaching students to be good learners prepares them for university and life, it will also result in each individual reaching their own academic potential. Developing these attributes in learners in the classroom is achievable but is even further developed during class trips. Trips provide the opportunity to try new things, practise team building and communication skills. The places visited might be related to bio diversity, physical geography or a place significant in history, which all relate back to the syllabus to enhance the learning.

Our results speak for themselves

NIS works closely with learners and parents to harness the full potential of our students. Our results demonstrate this. Our strong IGCSE exam results demonstrate this, but even more importantly, we prepare learners for their next stages of further education and, ultimately, the workplaces around the world where they are well prepared to make a difference.

Our pathway to the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP)

After IGCSEs at NIS, our students can progress to High School here at NIS. NIS is part of Nordssjaellands Grundskole og Gymnasium (NGG) the largest private school in Denmark. The NGG gymnasium is on-site, which means NIS students can mix with students from STX and HF while studying for the IB DP. This lively gymnasium offers many opportunities, including joining the Music Academy and Sports College while studying. THE-INTL

Enrolling now for August 2021

To apply for a place at NIS, please see for more details.

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