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Making a difference: The joy of giving back

As an international educator, I have had the fortune to engage with passionate young people over the years. Recently I was privileged to meet students from Copenhagen International School.

Text: Monika Pedersen

Pictures: Copenhagen International School

Motivated by their altruistic values that intertwine with the International Baccalaureate, the students are involved in the Team Peru initiative, which partners with UK-based charity organisation Kiya Survivors, and aids Mama Cocha Children's Centre in Peru.

Founded in 2005, students, parents, teachers, School Health Nurse Charlotte Zeeberg, a veteran team member, and Middle & High School Teacher Michael Ferrari raised awareness and organised sustained fundraising efforts. These include babysitting, orienteering activities, sponsored runs, virtual quiz nights, as well as the 'Walk to Peru' to help young Peruvians with learning difficulties and disabilities access physical and mental therapy and services through the Mama Cocha centre.

Tight living conditions, poor ventilation and unsanitised accommodation pose intense health risks to families in remote and economically challenged areas.

Team Peru's current focus is Life Boxes. These boxes contain cleaning products, medical kits, hand gel, face masks, fans, and dry or fresh foods. The boxes are delivered by Mama Cocha's team.

Bi-annually, students travel and work on bathroom reconstruction, nailing insect nets to the windows, and reach out to those unable to access the centre.

Students Zacharias Adam Zeidler and Camila Fernandez have both journeyed to Peru. Camila commented, "I needed to do my bit…" and Zacharias had similar sentiments, saying, "It was breathtaking; the connection was so loving and engaging."

“Team Peru's current focus is Life Boxes, these boxes are delivered by Mama Cocha's team.”

These activities are life-changing experiences that deepen a life-long quest to give back to society.

To support Team Peru's Life Boxes drive, click on the following link:

Please tick the box "Team Peru", so the donation reaches the correct charity.

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