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Hard men, harder women

I love hanging out with the bad boys/girls; persons and actions abound, which I would never condone nor contemplate in real life! If a bit of bad goes a long way, then take a trip with these guys.


Text: Susan Jessen Spiele

Shamelessly addictive and action-packed

Killing Floor

By Lee Child

Jack Reacher is a former Army Police Officer who is wandering the US. After serving overseas for many years, he is without an address or family. One night in a small southern town he is arrested for a murder he hasn’t committed.

Horrifying, brilliant and evocative

Every Dead Thing

By John Connolly

Charlie Parker is a former NYPD Detective, who is mentally unstable after the murder of his wife and daughter by a serial killer named The Traveling Man. Taking on a 30-year-old murder case brings him closer to the killer and his own humanity.

The weirdest kickass protagonist

Talking to the Dead

By Harry Bingham

DC Fiona Griffiths is the strangest, youngest detective in the South Wales Major Crimes Unit, with secrets of her own. When a woman and her little daughter are killed with chilling brutality in a dingy flat, it opens a path to her past.

Realistic, relatable and sympathetic

The Burning

By Jane Casey

A serial killer has beaten to death and burned four young women, but DC Maeve Kerrigan has an odd feeling regarding the fifth victim. As the only female on the squad, she is up against more than the killer and time is short.

Did you know?

Pub quizzes are great fun, and here at Roskilde Library, we have been doing them in English for years. The next one is Tuesday the 18th of February at 19 – 22, so bring friends or colleagues and set your own team. If you come alone, we will help you find a team. And of course, we have a bar!

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