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Halloween inspired fashion

Photographs: Vanessa Petersen

Text: Vanessa Petersen

It’s the ‘days are getting shorter’ time of year again. Where all of the summer vibes hibernate under multiple layers of cashmere wool. Even though the temperatures are dropping, some fun holidays are coming up to add some heat to your fashion forecast.

Halloween isn’t a traditional Danish holiday…but the ‘trick or treat’ tune has recently been gaining popularity. “Need a last-minute…already in your closet…easy inspo?” You came to the right place ‘boo! (I couldn’t help myself with that pun).


If you have watched The Shining, you already know the first colour pallet for an easy DIY costume is red. Red encompasses many of our favourite characters and can easily be worn to manifest or remix a costume. So whether you are rocking a midi dress channelling your inner Betty Boop or a hooded poncho to give off your best Little Red Riding Hood impression…red is a sure win. After searching my closet, I found an oversized button-down from Na-kd paired with a veil and chunky sandals to manifest a contemporary Beetlejuice Bride.


Another popular and easy Halloween theme is everything PINK! The entire Barbiecore movement centres around the love for pink and embracing the ‘you can never have too much’ ideology. The movement also includes wholesome movies from the early 2000s, such as Lizzy McGuire and Hairspray. So if you have any pink textiles, you can quickly fabricate a look that is hashtag ready.


“Close your eyes and picture the colour of Halloween.”...I am not a mind reader, but I am almost sure that the colour black was a part of that vision. Black has been associated with the hallowed night for thousands of years. If you are preparing for the festivities in Denmark…you are ahead of the game. The colour associated with power and strength seems to be a Danish fashion culture favourite. The options are endless when it comes to creating a last-minute costume. So dust off your favourite witchy LBD or leather pants and catwalk, baby.


Since the Y2K trend has reemerged, it will be easy to replicate early plaid trends that gained notoriety in the mid to late 90s. So hide your VHS tapes and dust off your most ironed pleated skirt…because we are ‘Rollin’ with the homies’. Clueless was a movie that had every pre-teen in a fashion chokehold. Revamping that look is a simple cloth recipe that any novice can master. Even if your plaid skirt + blazer combo gives Ashley Banks vibes…you are sure to win best dressed.


Everyone loves a good creative fashion wildcard. Essentially your wardrobe’s imagination is limitless when dealing with the realm of Halloween. Recreating the look is half the fun, but being the main character is priceless. Create an artistic ensemble rendition of famous artists, ideologies, and movie characters for the special night. I embraced my inner Frida Kahlo with a polka dot co-ord set from Zara.


Coming from America, this holiday hiccup reminder of home is refreshing. Regardless if Halloween is an old or new tradition for you…you are sure to have a great time. Celebrated on the last day of October, Halloween allows even the people of the eleventh hour to prepare. So open those closet doors and see what looks you can create.

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Anda Nielsen
Anda Nielsen
Nov 01, 2022

Lovely inspirations :)


Oct 06, 2022


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