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Good places to visit in winter

Shani Bishop's tips and hints for winter activities.

Photographs: Unsplash

Text: Shani Bishop

It's so important to get outside in the winter months. Your body may scream 'stay in,' but your mental and physical health will thank you for it later. After a walk or cycle, my children seem so much happier. Once we are home, they usually sit and read or play Lego alone, so it's a good time for adults to rest.

Kids complain about going out more as they get older, so we used to cycle more and walk less in Denmark because of the amazing bike lanes. These fantastic lanes get cleared of snow and ice even when the weather is awful. My favourite routes were ones with a lovely café serving hot chocolate on route. Unfortunately, this isn't always possible as opening hours are shorter in the winter months, but hopefully, this article will give you some ideas.


The cycle route from Hellerup to Klampenborg is excellent. The bike lanes are wide, and there are great views of the sea and a few monuments on the way. At the end of the route, you can stop at the beach and look over to Sweden. The beach is so popular in summer but has a different feel in winter. You can also stop at the Café Jorden Rundt near Charlottenlund Søbad, a cafe at Skovshoved Havn or on Hellerup high street. On the high street, there's a good Lagkagehuset with lots of space to sit down. You could also pop into Books and Company, a great English language bookshop!


Sometimes we took the train to Klampenborg and cycled through the woods to Skodsborg Station or Vedbæk - the paths are good and the trees wonderful. You can stop at the Eremitage Hunting Lodge for a break and toilet stop. The Eremitage Hunting Lodge has been completely renovated, and you can go on tours once a year. It's a short visit and well worth going as it's splendid inside.

If you make it as far as Vedbæk, you can reward yourself with a trip to Café Rosenhuset. They serve great hot chocolate, and the views are amazing if you sit upstairs in the warmth. Alternatively, try the cafes and restaurants around Vedbæk havn.

Friends of ours used to get the train to Skovbrynet Station and then cycle through the woods to have a drink at Bryggeri Skovlys, where the setting and drinks are good.

"It’s so important to get outside in the winter months. Your body may scream ‘stay in,’ but your mental and physical health will thank you for it later."


Cycling to playgrounds was always a hit with my kids. My favourites were Konditaget Lüders in Nordhavn, the Octopus in Superkilen, Nørrebro and the Legepladsen at Hauser Plads, Copenhagen. The fun starts early at Konditaget Lüders when you have to run up the stairs against the clock to get to the top (there is a lift too). The play equipment is good, and there's a Netto below for Pizza snegel (snail) when everyone gets hungry. Konditaget Lüders has great views of the harbour, although it is a bit blowy, so wrap up warm. Superkilen Park in Nørrebro has lots of funky play equipment, but the Octopus is the best. Small children love all the different slides, which will entertain them for ages. There are lots of cheap cafes in Nørrebro - I always headed for the Middle Eastern ones to try authentic Baklava.

There are a few nice little playgrounds in Copenhagen which are tucked away. For example, try Legepladsen at Hauser Plads, the dragons in Kongens Have and Legepladsen at Nikolaj Plads. Stopping at these certainly makes going into the city more enjoyable for little ones.

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