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Why go global when you can go local?

Glocals, expats, repats and Danes have joined forces to create the first local headquarters for international foreign hires.

Photographs: iStock

Text: Laura Wintermute

Attraction & retention

Danish companies are competing on a new battlefield for international talent. Highly skilled, educated profes¬sionals, scientists or researchers have their choice of countries in this global day and age. Despite Denmark being the happiest country in the world (2nd) for work-life balance and excelling in areas such as health and wellbeing, Denmark was ranked 63 out of 64 countries in the Expat Insider Survey 2019 for both Ease of Settling in and Friendliness.

"We bring the ‘human’ back into mobility by focusing on the holistic side of relocation and transition." - Laura Wintemute, FOUNDER Homestead Denmark and International Headquarters

The human side of mobility

Most companies hiring internationals use global mobility companies to streamline the processes and keep scopes aligned across borders, mostly focusing on the practical side of international transfer.

Local experts helping global citizens

International Headquarters is a colorful collaboration of local experts, specializing in the relocation and transition of internationals in Denmark by offering local knowledge and expertise in a friendly, hospitable, and professional way.

Relocation and transition services including recruitment & onboarding, contract and salary management, immigration, tax compliance, rental housing, registrations & settling in services, dual-carrier & spousal support for the accompanying families, pet relocation and help with the Danish language.


Located in Copenhagen, International Headquarters is a colorful collaboration of like-minded entrepreneurs. We share a working environment, combine our expertise, knowledge and networks to provide a more human approach to relocation and transition.

To learn more about our services, settling in programmes and events, check out

International Headquarters, Fruebjergvej 3, 2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark

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