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Finally... a New Year

These days with all the travel restrictions, one can only dream of the world. Thankfully any restrictions are banned in books, and there is hope ahead! So until then, dream away with these titles.

Photograph: iStock

Text: Susan Jessen Spiele

Family tensions, family solutions

Mum & Dad

By Joanna Trollope

Gus and Monica have lived in Spain for 25 years, building a vineyard and wine business. When Gus suffers a stroke, their well-heeled expat life is derailed. Their three adult children based in London have their own ideas about fixing the situation.

Beautiful, empathic and compassionate

Strange Flowers

By Donal Ryan

In a village in Ireland in 1973 Moll, a young woman disappears without a trace, and her parents are devastated. Five years later, she returns but not alone, and the family faces new problems, but also unique, unexpected relationships and reactions.

Master of short stories

If It Bleeds

By Stephen King

In four novellas King tells four very different stories, including a standalone follow-up to the novel The Outsider. With his unique blend of horror and empathy, he touches upon the fear of dying, technology and the media’s need for disasters.

A slow, psychological thriller

Imperfect Women

By Araminta Hall

Three women have been friends for nearly thirty years since their Oxford days. Now the perfect Nancy is murdered, and Eleanor and Mary are left to ponder who did it. However, even close friends have secrets, and some can be deadly.

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