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Denmark needs international labour!

Photographs: Pexels / Aarhus City Welcome

Text: Rikke Skak Harboe

Danish companies and organisations are experiencing the most significant labour shortage in years. International labour is part of the solution to this challenge – international employees contributed a record DKK 211 billion to value creation in Denmark last year.

Denmark competes with other countries for labour, but unfortunately, we are not doing well enough on all parameters.

In the latest analysis from Inter Nations Expat Insider, Denmark ranks 30th out of 52 countries in terms of how attractive a country Denmark is to settle for international employees. We are winning as the country with the best working conditions but are lagging on other parameters.

The social life and the challenge of getting a network outside the workplace pull Denmark down in the rankings. It is difficult for many internationals to settle in here.

Welcome September is partly created to change that.

Welcome September's ambition is to make September a national welcome month for international citizens. International workers, their accompanying families, and international students all over Denmark can sign up for more than 60 events during September – ranging from cultural days, meet-a-Dane events, open days in association life, job search activities, city walks, social events, lectures on childcare, volunteering and the Danish school system, language cafés and much more.

Welcome September is part of the nationwide Talent to a Green Denmark initiative. An initiative that wants to ensure a good reception and introduction to the local area and networks everywhere in Denmark. International newcomers must thrive and stay in Denmark, ultimately contributing to the Danish society and economy.

Each of the around 40 partners in Welcome September puts their stamp on the month. The partners include municipalities, business regions, universities, etc. In Thisted, the municipality is making the event Living in Thy, Viborg is organising a historical City Walk, Holstebro is arranging Watch a Movie, Sønderborg has a Welcome Day for Newcomers, and Lolland hosts a Community Meal. Several thousand international newcomers are expected to participate in one or more Welcome September events all over Denmark. And the simple goal is for international workers to feel welcome in Denmark. At the same time, the concept of a national welcome month has great potential to contribute to the growth of Denmark as an attractive career destination.

As something completely new this year, the Welcome September concept will also help attract labour outside Denmark's borders, and therefore digital and hybrid events are also arranged this year. In this way, international citizens abroad interested in moving to Denmark can get a taste of living and working in Denmark.

All events can be found on the official website of internationals in Denmark,

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