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Dark November

I used to mock my dad when he moaned about the dark November, but alas, now I agree! However, the month is perfect for lots of cosy reading and stocking up on your chocolate for Winter. Enjoy!

Photograph: iStock

Text: Susan Jessen Spiele

Sharp, funny and wise

The Lightness - By Emily Temple

Olivia enters a Buddhist Summer camp for “bad girls” in the mountains, looking for her father, who went there and never came back home. Searching for clues, she finds a trio of close-knit girls determent to achieve enlightenment, no matter the cost.

Thrilling, thought-provoking future history

The Second Sleep - By Robert Harris

A young priest is sent to a remote village to oversee the funeral of a heretical priest. Once there, he not only discovers the priest’s illegal collection but that the church has lied about the history of the ancestors and their technology.

Atmospheric, dark and chilling

Blood & Sugar - By Laura Shepherd Robinson

In June 1781 a tortured body is found on a hook at Deptford dock, bearing the brand of a slaver. Shortly afterwards, Captain Harry Corsham discovers that his friend, abolitionist Tad Archer, has vanished. Trying to find him can be very dangerous.

Warm, relatable and friendly

The 24 Hour Café - By Libby Page

Hannah and Mona are friends, and both work 12-hour shifts at Stella’s café in London. We follow them and the costumers for 24 hours, as their stories are told. Both women love working at the café, but they dream of something more.

Did you know?

We do love a good conversation about books and current affairs at Roskilde Library. The subject will be the situation in the US after the election. You don’t need perfect English, just be willing and able to join a conversation – a respectful one! Bring your own beverage and get free tickets here:

Date: 26 November

Time: 19:00

Place: Roskilde Library

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