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Dance the summer nights away in the Fairytale Garden

Have you ever walked around Odense during a lovely summer evening - and suddenly wondered where the dance music and the sound of people counting steps is coming from? This is pretty normal during the summer months in Fyn’s fairytale city. There is a long-standing tradition of organising open-air dance events called Sommerdans (summer dance). So if the sound of salsa or swing music makes your feet tap, join the dancers - summer dancing is back!

Photographs: Odense Salsa FB page / Unsplash

Text: Michaela Medveďová

Organised by the Odense Municipality, Sommerdans consists of individual events occurring every Thursday and Friday between 18:00 and 21:00. Each dance evening is hosted by a different dance school or association of various styles. This year, you can learn the basics of everything from line dance and lindy hop to salsa and Argentine tango.

The hosts for the night invite dance lovers to join them on the dance floor in Eventyrhaven at Café Siesta for a free introductory lesson and dancing afterwards. It’s common for people to stay in Eventyrhaven after the event, enjoying a cosy evening with friends.

“Odense Kommune invites all dance communities, groups, or associations in the municipality to dance in Eventyrhaven.”

This year, the series of events kicked off on June 2, and the last opportunity to dance will be on August 26. “Odense Kommune invites all dance communities, groups, or associations in the municipality to dance in Eventyrhaven. The dancers can then apply for the dates they want. Odense Kommune then creates a programme,” says cultural consultant Thomas Schiødt. Dance associations that want to join next year can also contact him.

You can find the official programme on the Odense Municipality website, and there are usually Facebook events.

Sommerdans events have existed in Odense since 2002 - and organising them in the Eventyrhaven also has its tradition. “The dancers like the place and atmosphere,” explains Thomas. During the summer, dance events also occur all over the city - for example, in the picturesque and always-decorated Vintapperstræde or the square in front of Café Biografen.

The answer from Thomas whether they plan to continue with Sommerdans in the future is a resounding yes - which will undoubtedly make Odense’s many dance lovers jump with joy.

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