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Business startup in North Denmark

The number of startup companies in North Denmark has seen significant growth recently, with an increased regional interest in attracting foreign businesses and startups. This is driven by a desire to spur economic growth, bring in new ideas, and create a more diverse and culturally vibrant community.

Photographs: Unsplash / Lasse Frimand Jensen

Text: Lasse Frimand Jensen

One of the key factors driving the interest in international businesses and startups is the focus on sustainability and green energy. North Denmark is at the forefront of the drive towards a greener future. As a result, many businesses are looking to set up operations in the region to take advantage of the supportive environment and the opportunities for innovation in this area.

In addition to focusing on sustainability, North Denmark offers a welcoming and inclusive environment for international workers. The local government can guide you on paperwork and documentation such as CPR registration or getting a tax card. The local government is also keen to support these workers and help them get a new and exciting life in North Denmark, with public and volunteer programmes such as Spouse Base, Expat Host and several other opportunities organised by International House North Denmark.

Overall, North Denmark is an exciting and dynamic place to do business. The combination of a supportive environment, a focus on sustainability, and a strong interest in international entrepreneurship make it an ideal place for businesses and startups looking to make a positive impact.

So, what about startup opportunities for international entrepreneurs?

As an entrepreneur, knowing how and where to start can be difficult. Questions like, how do I start a company? What is the market like? And what about the culture my company is going to be operating in? These can all be overwhelming when considering starting a business in a new country. Therefore, it is a good idea to contact the local and professional networks involved in the North Danish labour market.

For example, organisations like BusinessAalborg and Startup café, located in Aalborg, and with contacts and knowledge about doing business in North Denmark, a great place to start. BusinessAalborg's main objective is to create growth and employment. Their most important job is to ensure it is easy to start, run and develop a company in Northern Denmark. They offer accessible information, counselling, guidance and contact mediation for entrepreneurs, established companies and investors.

Specific for entrepreneurship is the Startup café, which is the one-stop shop for advice, information and networking possibilities. They also organise events and offer drop-in sessions with startup consultants, lawyers, accountants, marketing specialists etc.

A strong support network for entrepreneurs

Despite some prejudices about Danes being reserved and reluctant to foreigners, many people, companies, and organisations are willing to help entrepreneurs start a company. By showing that you have a serious plan about starting a business and that you come prepared, people are more than willing to help and advise you in your entrepreneurial journey.

As an international entrepreneur, it is therefore important to remember that the North Danish market needs and wants companies to thrive and prosper. Therefore, it is a good idea to adopt a framework of thinking that the local and official business organisations are willing to help and have the primary purpose of supporting and servicing the businesses in their region. As an entrepreneur, you can get guidance and participate in workshops, events and courses all focused on improving your business.

As a concrete example, Iværksætterdanmark offers a workshop called "International Startup Service", which targets international citizens who are planning to start a business. These workshops are divided into four parts concerning the startup process, which focus on everything from the legal structure of a company and market analysis to bookkeeping. Another example is the organisation Kickstart, run by international volunteers who organise startup competitions like Startup Weekend and startup events.

So, if you are considering starting a Business in North Denmark, you are in an environment where help and support are just an email or phone call away.

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