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Another milestone achieved

Photographs: Mads Iversen

Text: Shani Bishop

North Zealand International School authorised to offer the IB Diploma Programme from August 2021

After two years of hard work by the team of teachers and leaders, North Zealand International School, a part of Nordsjællands Grundskole and Gymnasium (NGG), has passed a rigorous authorisation process and can now offer the prestigious International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP) from August 2021.

A dream of more for NIS students

North Zealand International School (NIS) has offered a high-quality international education for 3 to 16-year-olds for many years, but for a long time leadership at NIS have wanted to provide their students more. Karen Bøttger, Head of the International School, explains “We have experienced a great demand among our students who wanted to continue their education at our school. The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is a quality qualification with excellent breadth and depth of knowledge, along with a strong global outlook. We wanted to provide our students with this opportunity”.

The journey towards the IB

For the students of NIS, this is a big win. Not only do they get to stay at a school they love but also remain with all their friends. By continuing to learn with teachers who know and understand them, they have the best chance of reaching their potential. The journey to the IBDP began in 2018 when NIS successfully applied to become an International Baccalaureate DP candidate school. Since then, the teachers and leadership team have worked intensely towards the authorisation. Teaching staff were drawn from the highly regarded Gymnasium at NGG and prestigious international school.

The virtual verification visit with the IB educational professionals visit took place in September 2020. Teachers, leaders, parents and students were interviewed to verify that NIS was ready.

After two days of online meetings, NIS received the news that not only was the authorisation successful, but the school had also been commended in several areas including:

  • A clear focus on meeting student needs

  • Understanding the unique IB philosophy

  • Developed chosen links with local experts that will contribute to DP implementation

  • A clear culture of actions that have an impact on the school and local communities.

How our students will benefit

They have the best chance of reaching their potential. The school offers an overseas expedition that will give students a first-hand experience of other perspectives and global issues.

The future looks bright

Now NIS can teach this 2-year programme, local students from Danish and international families can join the school for this rigorous internationally recognised qualification. As the only private school in North Zealand offering the IB DP, NIS can provide small classes with dedicated teachers and lots of support and guidance. With students from all over the globe in the NIS classroom, it really brings the world to you.

What our students say

"The benefits of studying IB at NIS will be the openness, the small classes and more one on one." - Theo, Denmark

"Learning in an international school means you understand people from different backgrounds, you get a better outlook, and it prepares you for the future and work." - Nikolaj, United Kingdom

"The best part of NIS is the teachers; they are very qualified and are very good at teaching. I can always come to the teacher for help. They are very supportive of problems and issues you have." - Joep, Netherlands

"I think NIS is a very welcoming community, the teachers and students are all willing to help you." - Samuela, Uganda

Want to join us?

NIS will be offering taster days and information evenings for students and parents so they can find out more soon. Families can register interest via the website, and NIS will begin accepting applications shortly; check the website for more information.

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